Sunday, January 24, 2010

The weekend of Mission Impossible:

This is the only title I can give to my preceding weekend : The Mission impossible , I am not a morning person , so waking up early in the morning is considered as a hard task to me , what makes it harder is waking up on weekends . My girls decided that we r going to have breakfast on Friday .

when Shosho called me at 6 : 20 a.m , the only thing that I had in mind that I am going to skip and tell her that I couldn`t make it , once I heard her voice that full of energy and happiness ( mashalah ) , I thought that I will never let her down , so I dressed up waiting to them to pick me , and we headed off to Fahahel : ) we lost the directions to the place and after couples of phone calls we found it : The Early Bird !! God what an astonishing place that makes u feel that u r not in Kuwait , had the best American breakfast ever , nice atmosphere , the place is so tiny but it cozy at the same time , loved it so much , God where r we ?? why we r wasting our time sleeping in weekends ??? mashalah the place was full , of course all of them were non- Kuwaitis , cuz we “Kuwaitis “ r sleeping .

After we were done , it was still early in the morning : ) God wansa , we went to Almanshar , e thought of going to the spa but it was early in the morning and we were 5 so they don`t have enough staff :) we had some coffee at the library lounge , after that , khla9 the only thing I am thinking of is Bed .

It was a great adventure for me and I am glad I did it and didn`t waste my time sleeping in bed at least at that day .

I remembered later that am going to have lunch with Granny , so couldn`t sleep well , I had a appointment at Nail polish I colored my nails with the :

"Here today ,,Aragon tomorrow"

eyaanin eloon even though at work today I guess they didn`t like it but they didn`t tell .

So after all my weekend kan eyanin o waayed 7abeeta . the conclusion :

I am Happy

p.s : i : ll post some photos when i got back home !!


Anonymous said...

3alich bil 3afya , bs wain hl mkan exactly plzzz shawgtene o shlon il food ? what is the name?

im waiting for the pics ! :)

by the way i loved ur nails colour;)

ba6alah said...

this is life enjoying every moment will make you happy :]

Unknown said...

Wain elsowar ya 7lwa?
btw ur free on sunday?