Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Me @Bath & Body WOrks :)

My day was a full eventful day , I was hyper enough to spend the hall day out , yeeh yeeh call me "Madame Hayoota "this was my nick name when I was a little girl yah ma a7eb ag3ad blbeet kilsh .

Ok , so after work I went to NBK , home , had lunch , gargt 3laa jj shway , he had headache then dressed up & went straight to Shameya Mall , why ??? Because it was the opening of Bath & Body Works booth !!!!!!

I was so excited that I sent dozens of e-mails to almost everybody ,wrote a post about it , twittered about the opening sms kil refejatee , again am acting as if I am the owner :P

The owners Mr. Ali Aljaber who is jj`s friend , Mr. Abdulaziz and his wife Mrs. Fa6ma , were there @ the opening , 7ram shway 9ar looyah cuz el booth ma khala9 yet but they were so gracious with everybody , very helpful and smiling the hall time ,and over all they were so patient 3ala el 7anna customers .just like me , I want to get the stuff that I need immediately madree shako khayfaa ykhl9oon :P of course my favorite product is the Japanese cherry blossom waaaaaay bamooooooooooot 7adee :P

طبعا شوفوا الفن في التصوير العجيب تصويري :P

my stuff

I liked other kinds bas enshalah when I visit them at the exbetion this weekend at Movenpic hotel free zone i will get more stuff .

Talking about the prices , they r not the same prices in the state or in the website , but who cares , of course because of the shipment and the taxes , they should add few K.Ds , 6ab3an JJ dag 3laa el walad o ma galah enee estanst bas he told him about the prices heheh badda3 :P

Over all I felt happy o 7adee estanst got what I wanted , and plz people don`t miss it u should go , they r young Kuwaitis and we should support them and yalaah kilna n7eb swalef bath&body works , 9a7 ???

So don't miss it

Enzeen khal9naa mn el shay el7loo , o re7t ba3deen Wagamama with my friends . ambeeeh ma gdrt akel shay kilsh we3 I hated the food , the atmosphere o kil shay , maskeena the manager canceled one dish and we paid for only 2 !! 7adaa we3 , I love Japanese food bas hatha ma gedrt 3aleeh kilsh 7ada junk food ma9ekh .

O bas I am back home , I would like to thank Mr. Ali and Mrs. Fa6ma for their lovely attitude , especially Mrs. fa6ma tyanin o 7adhaa friendly o maskeena atheetahaa waayed

P.S I Love U JJ for your support , encouragement and your efforts to make me happy by letting me living my life doing what I really love . u r the best husband ever


أميرة الصحراء said...

السلام عليكم

امس قريت بلوقج ورحت الشامية مول بس ماحصلت المحل !!

اهو أي صوب صاير؟

يبيله روحه ^^

Ra-1 said...

wanasa lazem aroo7;a, nice photos ;)

I loved wagamama in Dubai o kel ma a7ad beroo7 Dubai adalee Wagamama 3ashan ejarba, but didnt try the one in Kuwait!

Allah ekhaleelech jj walayfaregkom :*

NewQ8 Bride said...

اميرة الصحراء : عليكم السلام حبيبتي و مشكورة على وقتج و انتي تقرين البلوق

دخلي من صوب لورينزو راح تلقينه عند الباب

حياج الله


eeee plz roo7ay , o about wagamama walah couldn`t eat anything

thank u dear :*

Anonymous said...

يعطيج العافيه حبيبتي و الله يوفقهم بالمشروع
بس حبيبتي اهو مو باث اند بدي نفسها الشركه الامريكيه الي فتحت

في ناس شروا بضاعه وسووه مشروع.. ف مو الشركه الامريكيه نفسها جت
وفتحت هني

Engineer A said...

I adore Bath & Body Works

Good they have opend a new branch here in Kuwait coz my creams, body splash, and foot creams almost ran out since last summer!

I'll visit them soon!

You should get free stuff coz u're making advertisment for'em :)