Monday, December 21, 2009

Bath&Body works in kuwait

Bath & Body works opening tomorrow

@ alshameya mall ;)


Her said...

suonds good... gonna try it:)

Anonymous said...

r u sure????

رورو الشخبوطه said...

مشكوره عالخبريه..

يبيله نمره..

Anonymous said...

i found the prices reallllly high!!!?

Ali Al jaber said...

Good day all
Am ali al jaber the owner of booth body works
Eb 9ara7a el as3ar en7a6at 3ala asas high coast of shipping wel jamarek 5% oo la tenson enah ajar ma7al oo 2 employers
Bes enshallah bel def3at el yaya ra7 tanzel el as3ar coz fee wayed ashya2 3arafnaha men awal shipping for first time
Oo enshallah now you got discount of christmas products
O I will do my best to got good prices

Thanx all

Angel of silence said...

ana aakher marrah safrt usa kawadt shkether sha'3lat menhm o still 3indi

bs zain wallah efta7aw >> wain mkana ?

Angel of silence said...

sorry tawni ashof shamiya mall
inshallah enmra ;) thanks again