Sunday, July 19, 2009

what am i doing :)

i am Reading

i am drinking

vanilla ice shaken

i am socializing with

i am watching on youtube

Lady Lady

Can`t live without

My Ipod


Anonymous said...

this book seems nice ! where did u get it from ?
thanks x

aL-NooR . said...


كل شي عجبي
بس اللي تقرينها ؟ بشري حلوة ؟

تشووووووووووق ترى


Miemie said...

i like the book you reading !! where can i find it?? Virgin?

fatto said...

الله هالبباي وايد احبه .. ذكرتيني ابطفولتي :)

NewQ8 Bride said...

Anony: yeeeh it`s that kind of book that u smile while u r reading , it`s from London , but u can get from amazon

al-Noor :

هلا بالنور :)

اي و الله شكلها حلوه دايما احب اقرا الشي اللي يونسني

Miemie : HI dear , i don`t know if u can get here , i didn`t check really

fatto : ايييييه حده اينن و عوار قلب بعد

Anonymous said...

What is the book about?

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I know about this book!

Mar8adoosh said...

min wain ilketaab shakla nice :)

Miemie said...

malna '3eir 3amy AMAZON ;)

joy said...

mmmmmmmmm ur book seems to be very intesting whats ur rate in it? give us a review plz :)

and lady lady brings back memories is it in english ?
ilike it in arabic with all the fake sighs loooooool

Ļa ƒéммé said...

قناه سبيس تون العربيه ايعدون كل هالبابايات الحين سالي الساعه 1الظهر صج احلى بابايات