Sunday, July 05, 2009


Congratulation 3abdalaah , wish you all the best in your new life o alaah ewafgik 

My Young Bro 7abebe 9ar m3rs : ) My Parents are happy mashalah mashalah all of us now graduated , working on great jobs and married

I can`t stop thanking them for what they did to us

O alaah balagaahom : )

Elfaaal 7ag el kil enshalaaah


ReLaaaX said...


ألف ألف مبروووووك

وعؤبالي باجي العزابية ;p

doona said...

allah e5aleekom 7ag ba3ath oo e7afethkom ;**

vyyvaa said...

congrats to all of u guys.

in response to an earlier post u wrote about trying to concieve.. i wish u could be more clear about why you were unable yet, i am sure u visited drs.. if u feel comfortable, it would be good for u and for others who are facing the same problem if u could share ur story in full. u never know who might read it and have had the same experience and would give u their story as well.. a success story that u could adopt.

now, without knowing what actually stops u, i can tell u about a recent article i read about boosting fertility naturally, they found that healthy eating has boosted women with fertility problems, there were two interesting points:
1. fat-full dairy instead of skim or low fat showed much higher results for fertility treatment, so try to add fat ful dairy more into ur diet, and reduce the fat elsewhere to maintain ur weight.
2. stear clear from transfat, whenever u see this word in processed food that u buy from jam3eya, u know like baskoot and junk food.. and cake.. they have alot of it, so stay away from it, it doesnt help u, it increases ur problem.

another point, the diet can only help u if ur problem is not mechanical, like a blocked fallopian tube.

beside that, i remember writing my trying to concieve process to u in a comment, and i hope u can keep up with that, i pray for u with all my heart.

Principessa said...

Mabrooookk 3asallah yewafegkom eb 7ayatkom

Sn3a said...

الف مبروك يارب
ربي يفرح قلوبكم دوم ويخليلكم اهلكم ويكتبلكم رضاهم ان شاءالله

Anonymous said...

alfff mabroook 3asallah ywaffeg-hom enshallah :)

Ra-1 said...

توني أستوعب إن آخر واحد ببيتكم يتزوج هاهها ماشاءالله

مبروك :*

الله يوفقهم ويسعدهم :)