Sunday, June 21, 2009

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

Its 2:11 a.m, and I can't sleep, do u have this feeling that you wanted to watch a movie to make u cry?? I do, and I need it know.

Today , or shall I say Yesterday , we went to got the wedding ring for our new bride , she gave us her size which is exactly my size :P so I was sooooooooooooooo happy trying all these diamond rings , hehe wanasaaa Gosh 3ala goolat el7abeeba Marilyn "Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend " we got her a very nice ring ; ) woooow I loved those days a7laa ayaam ayaam el tajheeez @@

I guess I talked a lot bout that subject , but this is my blog my space of comfort I need to talk really I need it , I wish I wish I wish that I will be pregnant really I am getting tired from everything , please people take this pity look from your eyes plz tra it hurts , I am not 7asasa or anything walah I am taking it easy but please I don't need this look , what I need is to pretend that that not getting pregnant is alright ok and if you really wanna help me really ?? Just pray for me behind my back – am crying -


Anonymous said...

maybe you should see a dr to diagnose the problem.

BaDra said...

kel shay gesma o n9eeb o yemkin hal ta'a5er 5era mn rab el3almeen
bs entai don't think alot about it
o eli allah katba bi9er enshalla
o allah yarzgech enshalla o yarzg jame3 elmoámneen

The Man said...

i got a lot of things to say to you that I dont know where to start, the grass is always greener on the other side. trust me, the tears will still flow even if you get pregnant and have kids.

my guess is, we are sad because we are not doing what we are designed to do, look at birds in a cage, how do you think they feel, they are meant to fly, and now they are in a cage.

if we dont fulfill our purpose we become enraged , and when raged turn inward it become depression. if your purpose is to be a mother then you have every right to be upset and cry, but if not, then you need to know what do you really want, and that is not an easy question.


doona said...

diamonds are a girls best freind <3

Sn3a said...

yarab yakteblech t7amleen eb a7la twins en shallah
la teh'tammain eb kalam l nas, akrahhom lamma yst3b6oon

entay ma9arlch wayed metzawja tara
enshallah mayeena ramathan ella wentee mbshratna

allah kareem

Anonymous said...

allah yarzegich 3ala neyetich inshallah :)
they say she's amazing :)

Anonymous said...

ive been reading ur blog for a while oo intay insana mo2mina.. everything happens for a reason 7bbty.. oo personally i dont give u the pity look becuz fi3lan i dont feel pity for u bil3ax.. ana mo2mina ina alah mu katiblich il7een.. "3asa an takraho shay2an wahwa 5ayran lakom" u just have to wait.. il9aber mifta7 ilfaraj ya i5ti. mu muhem inas shitfaker.. ilmohem intay u dont pity urself.. 5alay eemanich bala gowee kilshay ibeeda sob7ana :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

you should want to have a baby in your deepest part of your heart moreover pray to ALLAH very hard with all your senses and enshallah youll be a great mama soon

Anonymous said...

hello sweety,

alf mabrook for ur brother..

Btw i've been reading ur blog from the begining i really enjoy reading it ur so urself :)

am praying hard for U really o enshallah we'll hear Great News from you soon :)

Good luck sweety

NewQ8 Bride said...

anony : we did walah but sub7an alaah nothing happend . thanks for your comment .

Badra : mashkoorah ba3ad galbee :* walah adree enaa kil shay kheera but sometimes u can`t handel it walah .

The Man : Thanks alot , i really appreciate your words . u know every time i feel upset i read your comment walah .

dandoon : yeeeeeeeh ;)

sn3a : 7abeebte walah thanks alot :)

to the 3 anonym : thanks thanks alot :) for your time reading my blog and for your nice comments :*

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