Monday, June 08, 2009

كلاكيت ثالث مره

for the 3rd time , i had that dream : i lost my car and i keep looking for it !!!!!!! i am not that kind of person who depends on dreams to control my life , i am not salwa al muturey (maskeena) !! but i don`t know why this dream yn3ad akthaar mn marrah :)

miss my blog , ana 7adee mndmjaa b twitter so ma gmt akteb posts .

wellcome to twitter world


Principessa said...

ro7ay fasreeh ?

shfeeeh zood twitter 3endi wa7ed bas mo gadra andemej feeh ? shetsaween feeh

joy said...

sektay dodahna eltwitter
ana sar ebrasi 6 eyes
2 emails
metna looooooooooool

[MaDry-Shakw~] said...

i just read all of ur posts..
u remind me of someone very dear to me :D

i hate twitter ;p