Sunday, May 10, 2009

new week

I woke up today with a big smile on my face , I decided to stop being negative , and I wanted to start my week with vivid optimistic attitude , no more bad tempered , no more distressing , and no more t7l6m .

I used to tell one of my colleagues , having this pessimistic mood will have an effect on the world around you , people will ran away and no one will enjoy your company , sb7an allah I started to act just like her and then she told me the same words I used to tell her so enshalah I will try my best to feel cheerful , optimistic and less irritating , to take it easy and enjoy every moment of my life enshalah

So enshalah alaah ytamem my Bro shaf wa7da o wel7mdelah they liked each other , enshalah steps el engagement will start in few days , the only strange thing that her dad refused to let her talk him by phone during the engagement , he agreed that he can visit her any time he wanted , cuz nothing will happened till she graduate . and because my brother liked her he agreed , so enshalah alaah ytamem .

Elfal 7ag kil singles enshalah 

enshalah 10 days till my trip to London ambeeeeh I am so excited as if it`s my first time to travel :P but I don`t know I feel enshalah ra7 astanes with mom and I wanted her to be happy and relaxed before the headache of the preparation 7ag el milcha enshalah .

so ana yayne sh3oor tajheez el9ra7aa I still have this feeling that I am a new bride :P last year when my sister kanat tjahez ana esht6eet o gemt ashtree new stuff more than her , and now I have the same feeling  3ysha door el bride elee btjahez mn London :P

I stopped thinking about loosing weight and I lost 1 Kg  wansaaaaaa

So have a nice week 

O ambeeh I love Twitter


Sn3a said...

تدرين انا لو قمت الصبح مبتسمه فيومي كله راح يصير حلو حتى لو صار شي المفروض يعكر مزاجي ابتسم

الله يتمم على اخوج ويسخرهم لبعض ان شاءالله

تروحين وتردين بالف سلامه
اتينن لندن غيرو جو وامشوو كثر ماتقدروون امشووو
وربي يحفظلج الماما ان شاءالله

ودي اعرف شسالفه تويتر:(

Principessa said...

mabrooook 3ala okhooch ! bas weird laish ma yertha ekalemha ! madree ya3ni shay ghareeb !

Enshallah testansain eb london ;)!
oo about twitter !madree ana 3endi wa7ed ! bas madree china maywanes wayed? shetsaween feeh LOL!