Sunday, May 31, 2009

back :) from London

I am back : ) 7adee 7adee 7adee estanst , I `ve been to London before , but this time was different , it's only Me and Mom and it was a new experience .

London is the same m nothing changed , the streets , the smell of the waffles , the Flake ice cream and prêt –a- manger sandwiches.

O 6ab3an ma ansa Selfridges 7abeebe , They were having the big yellow festival and 100th birthday celebration

this is one of the windows

9adaf the Traffic free day on oxford o 7ada it was fun with the celebration of the opening of Night at the Museum 2 , ambeeeh 7ad el t thi7k 7adaa

, the weather was amazing and the people were so friendly !! definitely I am going there next year enshalah . 6ab3an el shopping ana bad3t feeh , waayed el sooq kan 7loo maa enah fe waayed shaglaat mo mawjooda for example I was looking for a cretin bag from marc Jacobs but they don't have it !!

6ab3aaan I went to covent garden to have the best jack potato ever : ) a7la paked potato bl3alam .

I went to Westfield mall waayed waayed 7lo , I loved the food court there , if any one is going to London u have to give it a visit , bus 94 from oxford street to shepherd's bush station .

Over all waayed estanst , o kilsh makoo shay 3laa el flu kilsh elaa bm6ar el kuwait el khaba :P la ma6ar dubi wala hethrow ,m akoo dshay , o thank u all for your comments


Anonymous said...

wanaasa i just came back two weeks ago o 9ej kan wanasa, o 3ala elflu 9ajja bas ma6ar lekuwait elle 5abba hnak kellesh mako shai, 3aleech eb alf 3afia :-)

Anonymous said...

الحمدالله عالسلامه

وين صوووغتي ؟؟؟

ملاحظه: مابي كاكاو

Sn3a said...

الف الحمدلله على سلامتج والحمدلله انج استانستي بوقتج هذا اهم شي
الويست فيلد احنا رحناله بالاندر قراوند نزلنا علطول يمه ماخذينا باص

شلون التسوق والجو؟

Daddy's Girl said...

Welcome back honey...

glad u enjoyed ur time :D

o ma agdar akamil 3la ur safra... ikhnegatne il 3abra... abi aroo7 london :`(

Principessa said...

Welcome back oo el7emdela 3al salama :* aham shay estanastay in london el 7emdela oo ma bagi shay 3ala safreti :D

Nikon 8 said...

الحمدالله على السلامة

Ra-1 said...

الحمدلله على السلامة :*
Nice pic :p