Sunday, May 31, 2009

back :) from London

I am back : ) 7adee 7adee 7adee estanst , I `ve been to London before , but this time was different , it's only Me and Mom and it was a new experience .

London is the same m nothing changed , the streets , the smell of the waffles , the Flake ice cream and prêt –a- manger sandwiches.

O 6ab3an ma ansa Selfridges 7abeebe , They were having the big yellow festival and 100th birthday celebration

this is one of the windows

9adaf the Traffic free day on oxford o 7ada it was fun with the celebration of the opening of Night at the Museum 2 , ambeeeh 7ad el t thi7k 7adaa

, the weather was amazing and the people were so friendly !! definitely I am going there next year enshalah . 6ab3an el shopping ana bad3t feeh , waayed el sooq kan 7loo maa enah fe waayed shaglaat mo mawjooda for example I was looking for a cretin bag from marc Jacobs but they don't have it !!

6ab3aaan I went to covent garden to have the best jack potato ever : ) a7la paked potato bl3alam .

I went to Westfield mall waayed waayed 7lo , I loved the food court there , if any one is going to London u have to give it a visit , bus 94 from oxford street to shepherd's bush station .

Over all waayed estanst , o kilsh makoo shay 3laa el flu kilsh elaa bm6ar el kuwait el khaba :P la ma6ar dubi wala hethrow ,m akoo dshay , o thank u all for your comments

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

off to london :)

enshalah ray7a London with mom for 10 days :)

tamroon 3laa shay ????

see ya all

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ok OK I `am not talking about Sunna , she3eea , liberals , 7adas , ekhwan , salaf , badoo or 7athar

ana mestansa bgath elnathar 3an el afkaar o el opinions i am proud

We Did It :)

4 women marrah wa7da !! mashalah

aham shay enshalah el kil yfakir 3ashan el kuwait :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Hamburger Union , Sorry

awal ams re7t at3shaa there , the food was good , j was happy with his burger , although he said enah chena ga3ed yakel hardeez bas he is fan of johnny rockets o mrrat ymel so he will eat there again ,

My Experience : Never again .

awal shay I orderd 2 slider and home chips I guess chthee esma 6ba3n kilsh ma kan home chips , el sliders ok zeeneen , bas 9arat hoosha yamna 3nd el magic planet o 6ag o 7alah , so ensadt nafsee , el akel 3adee welhoosha elee 9art o ba3deeen at night I couldn't sleep I guess 7ashnee bard so I have nazlaa m3aweya mo mn el restaurant bas mn kil shay 9ar bwagt waa7ed so 7adee t3baanaaaa now o khlaa9 ertb6 el wath3 bl ma6a3am so ma ra7 akel there again

Sunday, May 10, 2009

new week

I woke up today with a big smile on my face , I decided to stop being negative , and I wanted to start my week with vivid optimistic attitude , no more bad tempered , no more distressing , and no more t7l6m .

I used to tell one of my colleagues , having this pessimistic mood will have an effect on the world around you , people will ran away and no one will enjoy your company , sb7an allah I started to act just like her and then she told me the same words I used to tell her so enshalah I will try my best to feel cheerful , optimistic and less irritating , to take it easy and enjoy every moment of my life enshalah

So enshalah alaah ytamem my Bro shaf wa7da o wel7mdelah they liked each other , enshalah steps el engagement will start in few days , the only strange thing that her dad refused to let her talk him by phone during the engagement , he agreed that he can visit her any time he wanted , cuz nothing will happened till she graduate . and because my brother liked her he agreed , so enshalah alaah ytamem .

Elfal 7ag kil singles enshalah 

enshalah 10 days till my trip to London ambeeeeh I am so excited as if it`s my first time to travel :P but I don`t know I feel enshalah ra7 astanes with mom and I wanted her to be happy and relaxed before the headache of the preparation 7ag el milcha enshalah .

so ana yayne sh3oor tajheez el9ra7aa I still have this feeling that I am a new bride :P last year when my sister kanat tjahez ana esht6eet o gemt ashtree new stuff more than her , and now I have the same feeling  3ysha door el bride elee btjahez mn London :P

I stopped thinking about loosing weight and I lost 1 Kg  wansaaaaaa

So have a nice week 

O ambeeh I love Twitter

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

MoM Plz

waay my mom za3lana 3alay , why ??

awal shay i need to nag , so elle malh khlig do`t read .

i hate elnas elee ma 3ndhom thoq really hate thim , ytserday i was in a reception , i was dressed up , my hair elee ohwaa a7laa shay fenee kaan waayed 7loo , my hair is long , black with volume , kan shaklee 7loo o mestansa o i was having fun o wee3 yat mrt khale ma3a khaltee o yg3doon ygoloon b9oot 3alee jdaam el 7reem ma3a 7arka baykh bl wayh waaaay newbride leeeeeeeeesh chthee sh3rich 6aaal laaaaaa u have to cut it elee yshoof el faces y7sb chenee mareetha o bamooot shd3waaaa !!!!!! wee3 wee3 i never comment 3aleekom wala 3laa bnatkom shakoo entaw ?????

6ab3an ana radeet o isaid ana 3ajbnee

my mom el 7abeebe lama 6al3naa she said entay waayed 7asasa o entay galbich mo abyath o blah blah blah waaaay mama ana ma a3leg 3aleehom leesh chthee ygooloon oooof o 7dhaa kanat za3lanaa o i feel bad :(