Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Event : The 3rd Annual Nutrition week At CFW

welcome :)

Nutri Viva cordially invites you to attend " The 3rd Annual Nutrition week :Eat Right Live Bright "

On Wednesday 8th and Thursday , April 2009

Place : College for Women , Kuwait University ,Adaliya starting from 12:30 P.M

Hey there will be an Animated cartoon by the club , a sushi show , workshop on food labeling and lecture by R.D Abdullah Almutawa

c u there


fatto said...

خوش دكتور عبدالله المطوع والله والنعم فيه

Big Pearls said...

sounds very interesting.

Shaima'a Alkandari said...

7bet a8ooolj

shlonj w bsaal 3n a5barj y3ny bslm 3leeeeeeeej

Nikon 8 said...

حسافة طافني الدكتور عبدالله المطوع
وايد سمعت عنه أشياء زينة

Anonymous said...

WOW !! am th vice president for this club :D and i orgnized most of this event :D u were there ?! u liked it ?! am So happy i saw ena nutri-viva we9al lama el blogs :D