Sunday, March 08, 2009

Oh March

March the month of chaos

Is it me or it's the same to everyone?? Mashalah this month is full of planned events, unplanned events and things that comes unexpectedly in my way ,

I need a break, I have to walah

My March :

5th march: wedding party

5th -7th : I ve been visiting the hospital regarding some issues and they notice stones in my kidney

8th March : preparing for the exhibition , dinner party

9thMarch : Exhibition in the morning , reception party at night

10th : 2nd day of the exhibition

11th : reception party

16th : Press conference

20-22nd : Conference

21st : mother's day

23rd March : University graduation ceremony ( anyone will be there ?? this ceremony at the stadium , we are organizing the event

26th March : wedding party

Enshalah it will pass 3laa kheer yaraab J

Happy women's day

To all of you


Unknown said...

me about
the beauty of marchhhhhhhh
enjoy the ride

Unknown said...

Salamat sweeeety matshoofeen shar wallah :**

I'm still thinking about the graduation party :/ maly mzaj!

Anonymous said...

Your scheduale 7adah full mashallah !

good luck with all :*

Ansam said...

I am going to Cirque De Soleil this weekend.... YAY

Anonymous said...

Weee ma itshofeen shar :(

Drink plenty of cranberry juice. it is very good for removing kidney stones...

ama 3n march fa ya lahweee...

i did not sit at home any evening without looya...

I have a reception too on Wednesday... one reception o im going crazy!!!