Friday, March 13, 2009

i need ideas +تحذير+ابي تفسير

DOn`t think am silly or heleegya but yes am watching star academy :) and yes i like Nora walh twanes 9ij shwaay yabeelha tesen3 bas walah she is cute .

yalaah mo bage shay o March will end enshalah , yaraab kil shay y9eer ok . waayed waaayed m7traa 3laa elfloos elee ga3daa troo7 bl conference 3laa wala shaay walah a7taar ashoof floos deertee ga3da troo7 mnee o mnaak o yl3boon feeha elee yswaa welee ma yswaa :( but i can do nothing .

i was waiting for something but ma 9aar , el7mdelah 3laa kil 7aal

so shnoo ra7 teshtrooon 7ag your moms ????? ana madree plz abee ideas , o traa it`s her bday 2 not only mother`s day afaker akheth lahaa handbag madree walah so plz help .

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شنو تفسير الحلم : مرتين احلم اني اطلع و ما القى سيارتي ؟؟؟؟؟؟ مره مبيوقه و مره اني مضيعه مادري وين صافطتها

اي في شغله اليوم كنت رايحة ماركس انسبسر مع امي عاد لما طلعنا تذكرت انه ابوي يبي ماشميللو و رديت اشتريه و امي راحت السياره عاد بطلعتي و لا وحده توقفني جان تقول عندي لج بشاره خير بدك اشوف لك حطك!!!شنو هذا وين قاعدين ؟؟؟؟ لما رحت السياره و لا تقولي امي انها يتها و زفتها الصراحة لازم يلقون حل
لأن وصلني ايميل عن وحده تسوي نفس الشي بأكثر من جمعية و تسحر الأوادم و تبوق فلوسهم انا ما احط بذمتي بس ديرو بالكم
akher shay : don`t miss aristo Kid sale 50% , go moms dress your kids in style


Nemo said...

im thinking -- diet center or nadi or spa or safra to lebanon ...

MBH said...

If a dream makes you uncomfortable, it's often without a meaning, so don't bother :)

Unknown said...

Bnyeeb 7g omey a Gucci handbag for mother's day ;)
O marrah my mom 7lemat inah sayarat.ha mabyouga o inbagat the next day bs legainaha bser3a afterwards !

NewQ8 Bride said...

nemo : walah chan zeen tertha tsafer ma3aay ma terthaa waayed 3ndhaa ertba6at

MBH: yeeeh i know , i am not that kind of person who think about dreams , but this dream y7er hehheh

zaboo6a : ee ana gelt chthee yamkin akheth lahaa bag

plz la la tenbaag my car heheheh

Ansam said...

We wanted to make a party eb salamat ommy 3ogob her surgery for mothers day bes ommy lail7een nafseyat-ha malha khelg awadim :-( you know with cancer el wa7da moody :-( bes alla kareem. So maybe we will do the usual restaurant or cake or yam3a sgheera and my sisters and I will get her a gift or gift card and she buy whatever she likes as usual :-)

About your dream... shofay my sister 3a6atni tafseer I will email it to you now ;-) wallaho a3lam

Anonymous said...

Tra i put a comment but gal lee kha6aa2 ib ijra2 motakarer?! So i do not know if the comment will appear or not ..

Mokhtasar il comment il 6eweel malee ... don't bother with dreams mo nagseen weswas... o marra ana wa7da galat li agralich il kaff in ma7al il drare3 il 7elo ilee fog bel sal7iya chan akhtere3 o ma shafaw ilaa '3bar ryoolee o ana an7ash!!! i felt chinna fee moseeba in my aura o she id like itching to tell me about it!!!! Yummaaaaaa