Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I don't know why I couldn't’t blog , maybe there is nothing new in my life to post about or in another word nothing thrilling , I wish I could write just like b4 , in the early days of blogging , to write what I feel without judgment from people I know, reads the posts and they know me , moreover they are going to spread what I did said in my posts , I know its my fault explaining to much details . but after all I can't leave the blog sphere , I am back .

I was so busy at work , still planning for that stupid conference , sometimes I woke up in morning wishing that I will receive a call from any co-worker tells me the office explodes or catches fire or whatever …..

I can't stop thinking.

So for a change , on Monday I watched the confession of a shopaholic : ( why ?? why did they adopt this funny , lovely , amazing book and turned it to a movie , I am not going to talk about it khlaaaaa9 , for those who didn't read the book they will enjoy the movie its funny , but for me no . a7laa shay bl6la3aa that I meet Zaboo6a with her broken ankle : ) 7abeebte takser elkha6er , also I meet Shoush for the first time waaay tyanin : ) Shoush u r so sweet , enshalah we have to hang out some times : )

So Lost is back on showtime, and I have to go

Miss you all

Miss me

Miss my blog

Enshalah after 2 weeks I am waiting for cretin news enshalaha ya rab kil shay y9eer ok yarab

Plz pray for me


ZeroArk28 said...

welcome back!

blog is like your image, depends on how you want to display your image to others.

Ducati said...

ولكم باااك


وصباح الخير بعد

لووول مو مصدق اني قاعد من الصبح بس امشي واصبح

Shoush said...

7abeebti intay ili ityanineen wala! ;* Inshala lazim in3eedha soon! :))

Ansam said...

Sometimes you just dont have anything to blog about and we call it blogstipation! Been there 3adi hehehehe Life is so busy I know what you mean... I dont have time for myself sometimes it sucks but oh well... I hope all is well with you dear

Anonymous said...

Hey you have internet now :D

I agree with the stupid movie thingy... Why on earth did they take the book which is very lovely o funny o twist it into this movie is beyound me?!?!?!

That's it, i am NOT going to another american movie adapted from a european novel. Perioud.

eshda3wa said...

inshalah mako ela kel khair