Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I don't know why I couldn't’t blog , maybe there is nothing new in my life to post about or in another word nothing thrilling , I wish I could write just like b4 , in the early days of blogging , to write what I feel without judgment from people I know, reads the posts and they know me , moreover they are going to spread what I did said in my posts , I know its my fault explaining to much details . but after all I can't leave the blog sphere , I am back .

I was so busy at work , still planning for that stupid conference , sometimes I woke up in morning wishing that I will receive a call from any co-worker tells me the office explodes or catches fire or whatever …..

I can't stop thinking.

So for a change , on Monday I watched the confession of a shopaholic : ( why ?? why did they adopt this funny , lovely , amazing book and turned it to a movie , I am not going to talk about it khlaaaaa9 , for those who didn't read the book they will enjoy the movie its funny , but for me no . a7laa shay bl6la3aa that I meet Zaboo6a with her broken ankle : ) 7abeebte takser elkha6er , also I meet Shoush for the first time waaay tyanin : ) Shoush u r so sweet , enshalah we have to hang out some times : )

So Lost is back on showtime, and I have to go

Miss you all

Miss me

Miss my blog

Enshalah after 2 weeks I am waiting for cretin news enshalaha ya rab kil shay y9eer ok yarab

Plz pray for me

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shno Hatha : ) i am lost

I cannot believe what is going on!! How can we became slaves to the internet or how come our lives became so automated ?? our router is not working and we are so busy to fix it , to be honest 7adna looyah me and hubby , so ana 3aysha hal week without any connection to the internet , 7ta at work ana 3ndee course el 9b7 so ma ajabel elpc , bas ambeeh ma a9deg el thyaaa3 elee 3aysheena . bas gelna ra7 nan6er le next week hehe

Fe shay waa7ed 7aseeta 3ajbnee to be honest , I sleep well ! walah waayed gemt artaa7 blnoom madree etha halshay lah feh connection that I am not using my laptop before I go to bed !! yamkin walah , so I am thinking (not sure ) just thinking that I will set a time for me using the internet daily ya3ne 2 hours ??? looool walah I don`t think so …

Bas 9ij 9ij I feel lost 

By the way Lost will be shown on show time on 24th Feb

I miss blogging , miss reading blogs , miss the internet waaaaaaaayed

Now I am using el connection mal 7amaay hehehe Shaklee ma raa7 areda