Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Glass Slipper

This weekend was amazing , I can't believe what happened , all the movies that I really wanted to watch were shown on T.V , Marry poppins , little Mermaid . And the movie I have been looking for "The Glass slipper"

The glass slipper movie reminds me of my childhood , I guess the last time I watched it I was 7 or 8 , my dad brought it to me as a VCR tape , I `ve been trying to look for it as a dvd bas ma lgeeta !! even at Amazon

Today my bro called and told me it's showing now on TMC ambeeeeeeeeeh far7teee waayed estanst

This is the law of attraction :P ana haba bhalsalfa ga3da a7en 9arle more than 3 months that I want to watch it .

Back to the movie as it said in the description the movie is a 1955 modern musical version of Cinderella!! she is a tomboy with a short black hair totally not the stereotype of Cinderella so this is new idea at that time, I guess the movie was released to show how women can be different and unique and work hard to achieve their dreams , I think it refers to the feminism movement at that time .

I want to watch it again so plz if anyone knows where I can get it plz let me now 

I watched saw 5 wee3 boring 7ada .

Update : I found it :) and I order it


joy said...

من وين
انا بعد ابيه
انتي امبيه نفس افلامي
قعدت اطالع ميري بوبنز جني ياهل واغني معاهم زي الهبلة وبيدي استكانتي
وذاساوند او ذا ميوزك
بس هذا حسافة ماصدته
زدايما احب اطالع قناة الكلاسيك تي ام سي

Unknown said...

I was just watching beauty and the beast ;) , the glass slipper seems interesting ;)

This Lady said...

I've also wanted to see the old classical animated movies I loved when I was a child. And i still love them actually! Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin..

Anonymous said...

بغيت اقولج دشي قسم الافلام بالموقع عندنا يمكن تلقين الفيلم بواحد من المواقع اللي مسجله عندنا بس مدام لقيتيه مبروك :)

NewQ8 Bride said...

joy : امبيه انا جذي اشتطيت مع ميري بوبينز

بس the glass slipper

وااااااااي اموت عليه

و من زمان ابي اشوفه حدي

لقيته هني

zaboo6a : enshalah once i get it i will give it 2 u

this lady : walah i never get bored from classic movies ambeeh it`s magic

kuwait-moda : yah i got it بس شنو موقعكم ؟؟؟

Anonymous said...

موقعنا عباره عن معرض للمواقع الكويتيه ويضم اكثر من 600 موقع كويتي للتسوق عبر الانترنت ووايد شغلات - يشرفنا زيارتكم :)

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askq8 said...

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