Sunday, December 14, 2008

back :)

( this image have been taken by J )

Happy 3eed all of you :) i am back from Maldives and yeeeh this is the best 3eed holiday ever . mashalah i had so much fun o am tanned 7adee o 7adda 7adda wanasa

usually ba3ad kil safra i need a week to relax but this time , this trip was a total relaxation , i was acting like a child every thing there makes me smile :)

طبعا اشتطاطي مع النجوم امبيه جني اول مره اشوف نجوم !!! مشالله السما صافية و كل شي مبين واضح

i had sunburn :( bas ham wanasa i`ve been sitting in the water feeding the fishes for more then 5 hours , and this is hilarious i `ill post more next time :) the image is from the island that we spend a day in trip called Robinson Crusoe hehe thats fun

miss u all o 3eedkom mbarak


Gee™ said...

el7emdella 3la el salma :D

wanasa .. 3laikm bel 3afya

This Lady said...

3eedich mbarak :D

So happy you had fun.. do you recommend the Maldives? widi aroo7 laha..

Unknown said...

wb oo bl 3afya =)

Yara said...

7amdila 3al salamaa :) wanasaa 3alich bil 3afya... shloon iljaw hnak? mako am6ar?

nikon 8 said...

ما تنلامين لما فرحتي بالنجوم ... سمانا كأنها خالية من النجوم

Yara said...

plz golili ay jazeera abi aro7 :) o shlon 3al 7jab ?