Sunday, November 02, 2008

" Your body is a wonderland! " one of the 10 things every woman should have in engraved on her brain .

By Kimberly Bonwell & Pamlea Redmond Satran

Glamour Magazine

Today i checked on my measurements on the Gym my results are :

i lost 4.5 kilos

lost 6 cm from my abdominals and 2 cm from each part of my body :)

el7mdelaah i did a great job ;)


NewQ8 Bride said...
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نقوشيه said...

wOw ;) way tO go girl ;p
the happiness reflect on ur face after ur measuermeant, right ? =D
and u feel like u r sth lol ;p
7asa feech i know how does it feel when it actually started it to work !
3o8bal u lose the 10 =)

نقوشيه said...

you did a good job mashalla!!
i always want to do rjeem bas moshkela mako erada lol ;p
and good luck, o inshalla you will lose more than that. :)

Unknown said...

yaaaaaaaay , goood job sweety :**

Ra-1 said...

4.5 kilos is great!
mabrook :)

esTeKaNa said...

انجاز ما شاء الله
الله يتمم عليج يارب
وتحققين هدفج برشاقه دايمة

وصباح الخير

Big Pearls said...

oh well done:)

Manal said...

ما شاء الله

الصحة المثالية في الوزن المثالي

اليتقدرين تسوين فيه كل شي
بس اهم شي الاكل يكون صحي
وما ياثر على المستقبل الصحي



Nemo said...

congrats ;)
way to go girl :D

Selezya said...

very good ;)

keep it up girl !

Sara said...

good job alf mbrooooooook :>

PaLoMiNo said...


mabrook ;*

Shaima'a Alkandari said...

شي حلو ان الواحد يهتم بجسمه ويراقب وزنه علشان ينعم بصحه جيده وسليمه خاليه من الامراض