Saturday, November 01, 2008

what a nice small family wedding :) it was the wedding of my cousins , the bride and the groom both are cousins mashalah yshawgoooon heheh

she was sooo shy , and he was 7ada 7ada mest7ee waaay cute mashalah alaah ewafgohom . madree shakoo cousins o mst7eeen :P

my mood was not ok today , i had some thoughts and i imagined things , i feel jealous and angry

i am spending the night at my room , my old room , j bl shaleeeh . from time 2 time i need this .

i feel i am still attached to my family , waayed . gabel shwaay kent mensd7a next to dad and mom on their bed wooow what a feeling .

mom is upset cus sis mtgayraa 3aleena , i told mom enah kil wa7da laha shakh9eya , u can not compare between us , ehyaa wayed mt3lgaa b her husband , today she told me enhaa khlaa9 t3wadt 3laa her place o matfaker tyee tnam hnee , for me it was hard .


i miss u waayed and i feel angry for that J


kAiKa-MGroMa said...

عالبركه والله يتمم عليهم بخير

وسالفة النومه بيت الاهل والتعود على

المكان اليديد هذي قصتها قصه عند كل



Big Pearls said...

oooooh ur mom should not be upset..I visit my mom every day lazem ashof'ha ma agdar bas I don't sleep at my family house..I feel it is wrong to leave me new home.