Sunday, November 09, 2008

Miss Shaped

Today when i entered the gym i saw my name written on the board :

Miss" Shaped "

of the Month

looool 7adee far7t heheh chenee yahel :)

ambeeh i feel cold , is it only me ??? or the weather is cold !!


Sn3a said...

اعظم انجاز اهو انجازك لنفسك

جنج شوقتيني عالنادي
اليوم من الزهقه والملل قضيت ساعه على الستبر

نقوشيه said...

wow, congrats ! ;)
this's so encouraging & cheerful ;p
way to go MISS SHAPED ;)

it's not that cold, the weather is just getting better & better ..

Ra-1 said...

ناديي مافي جذي :p

Unknown said...

wow,7ada wanasa ...
ana 7ade kaslana lel7en ma r7t !


Yayaver said...

i am not sure that's your photo in the post.

Yayaver said...

but it really will inspire others to be fit and fine.

Anonymous said...

me start getting wight :(
u made me think to join gym again!

Thanks and mabrooooooooook :)

Shaima'a Alkandari said...

eee wnasah

sh3or 7lw mt5ylah w'93j

Unknown said...

kash5aaaa, 3albaraka sweeeety ;**

Selezya said...

asan khosh tashjee3 lch to keep it up

o the answer is only you :P

chatterbox said...

من جد وجد

ting said...

Allaah wanaseh!

Anonymous said...

Congrats girl ;D