Wednesday, November 12, 2008

i want to be a Mean Girl

SO mean Girls :)

My good friend T was wondering that day , what is really there inside mean girls`s mind ?? what are they thinking ?? she wished that she could get a ticket to spend a day inside mean girls`s brains ....

mashalah in q8 waayed 3ndna mean girls o mashalah they r so popular , and everybody respect them !!

so me and my friends decided to be mean :P madree i believe that they r happy cuz if they r not they will not persist in this behavior , i believe they never felt that pricking in conscious, never so they sleep well and have fun and enjoy their lives

leesh we decided to be like that ? cuz it is ok for this mean girl to ignore you when u say Hi to her and then she talks to u about her life as if nothing happened !!

so Mean Girls

We are here ;)


Unknown said...

Jarbay now o goleeli b3dain , ymken ajareb weyaj o n9eer shillah ;)

Anonymous said...

There are strong people and there are weak people. Strong people feast on the weak. That's life.. get over it.. or become strong yourself.

Ra-1 said...

It is fun to be mean girls sometimes! My friends and I do that ;p

vancouver said...


الله يبعدنا عنهم
من قالج انهم سعيدين
الانسان الحقير مع الاخرين
حقير مع نفسه بس من غير ما يحس

تركج عنهم
ماكو احلى من الطيبه
بس ما يمنع مع شويه انتقام
من اللي يضرج

Anonymous said...

eele 3ala eyemeen 3endaha cellulites hehehe!

ana ba3ad fakart chethe! I tried being SELFISH SELFISH SELFISH you only think about yourself and not give a SECOND to wonder about others

BE MEAN ow bas as long as you're happy you're happy

o tadreen? it worked because I saw a mean girl happening!!! HEHE i resolved the mystery

NewQ8 Bride said...

zabooo6a : waaay 3ad entay no way t9eereen mean , ana fenee evil side shwaay bas entay i don`t think so :*

anonymous: eee walah i guess i will become strong !! thanks alot i loved your explenation

ra1: loooooool wanaasa abeee

vancouver : انا كنت افكر مثلج بس صراحه الصدمات اللي حاشتني من الناس امبيه وايد غيرتني

anonymous : ambeeh ambeeeh wanaasaaaaaaaa i will change enshalah i will heheheh

Nusy said...

loool.. can i join the club? :)