Sunday, November 30, 2008

i don`t know why i am so tired to think or work , what`s wrong with me ?? b4 i transfer to the PR i was loaded with ideas and project that will help to improve the Department but now i am empty , i don`t like to give bad indication to my manger because she worked hard to let ME join the team . walah i don`t like to be like that .

another subject , i am working hard on my budget and i am doing great , everything goes as planned , i went to villa moda yesterday but i didn`t get anything because i don`t need anything , Thanks to my friend B she helped me alot , she asked me one question while i was holding the bag : M what is your priorities ?? so i thought about that , i am not going to spend the 3eed in Kuwait enshalah so i don`t need that bag now :) she made me save 270 K.D although i loved it :S

so i need to improve myself enshalah i will work hard


Tootah said...

its hard to stop
but once you start you will get to the point where you enjoy holding the bag or the item but then put it back cuz ur mind will tell you you don't need that.

but you it will get harder when you will have kids :)

i can resist to buy somthing for myself but for my girls i can't
all the cute dresses will attract you

joy said...

خووووش صديقة
انا من الاساس ما رحت فيلا موودا
لاني اضعف من جذي
فقصيت الحق من روحي

Anonymous said...

wise lady;)
May you name the bag that attracts your attention?

SunshineKuwait said...

same here, working on my budget bs ma7es eni ga3da asawi shay @@

NewQ8 Bride said...

Tootah : i know it is hard but i am trying

enshalah if i had kids i know nothing will stop me

NewQ8 Bride said...

joy : و الله انا ما كنت مخططة اني اروح بس الشيطان لعب براسي كنت بالمارينا جان اقولها يالله خل نروح الفنار :)

anon: thank you , the bag was hysteria double handels shoulder strap small bag :)

nikon 8 said...

زين ما سويتي والله يقوي عزيمتك ضد مغريات الشراء بلا سبب

Sara said...

3eeeeeedich mbarak new bride