Friday, October 24, 2008


i tried it 3 weeks ago , it won`t fit me , i couldn't`t even slide in it , i tried to wear it in different ways , from up , from down , nothing . I thought that i will never wear this dress :(

i loved that dress , it`s fouad sarkis dress , and yes the Lebanese style dress 7adhom fit 3laa el body

today , i did it :))))))

i am going to a wedding party enshalah so jarbta o kaaaan 7ada eyanin o it was easy to wear it :)



Manal said...


sho3or very nice


well done

so you lost some wight

good for you

wish i do the same


Selezya said...

lol zeen ashwaaa

have fun ;)

Blue_ribbon said...

Congratulations dear :-) have fun in the wedding and inshalla u will look great

Unknown said...

Mashallah :)
keep it up girl , btw mta nroo7 maki? :P

Big Pearls said...

that is so cool...have a great time:)

Anonymous said...

U have done a pretty ood job then !

Keep it onnnnnnnn

Anonymous said...

that's great, yallah have fun

Anonymous said...

Afhemech you feel LIGHT AND SEXY AND FIT saaaaa7?

يهبل هالانجاز
Congrtulations! :)))

Tootah said...


Tootah said...


Flowera said...

mabroook thatis mean u loose killos ...
keep it up

NewQ8 Bride said...

manalq8: 7adaa nice :) thanks dear good luck dear :)

selezya : ee walah ashwa a7es fasheet :P thanks sweetie

signorina: thank u :) i did have fum :)

zaboo6a : thank u dear :) ambeeh adree bt6geene heheh enshalah soon walah o ana 3azmtich tra ;)

big pearl :thank u dear

cat : eee walah el7mdelaah :)

pearl : thank u :*

anon: حده يهبل الإنجاز وناسة و راحة و الصراحة تشجعت اني اتعب على عمري زيادة

tootah :)

flowera : enshalah i lost some kilos the couch told me that i may loose some cm not kilos