Wednesday, October 01, 2008

to my sister

My beautiful little sister, a rose bud born in May, I remember holding her carefully, wrapped in a shawl on her very first day.
She blossomed into a toddler feisty and full of life her favorite pastime was rapping, raving and causing trouble and strife.
I watched her grow up daily into a popular and confident girl full of conversation and entertainment that could put you in a whirl.
Her turning point in life came in the ty fry Inn when she met a handsome stranger and her heart he sure did win.
We know him for his love for my sister that's so true and his zest for soccer and Playstation games that the guys get roped into.
You can see the way she compliments him and he compliments her both calm, collected, mature, mad and full of love year after year.
Their commitment is so clear to see looking out for each other investing in life together with a vitality that amazes me.
So you see why it is not surprising that the next big thing they do is pledge the love they share by wearing the eternal ring.
I am proud to see my beautiful sister a rosebud born in May marry such a loving man who will hold and cherish her beyond this gorgeous wedding day.

Written and dedicated to 'Carol and Graham' by Claire Baker 7th September 2002.


Manal said...

الله يحفظكم ويخليكم لبعض

الاخت قريبة من القلب

Unknown said...

Soo sweet !
allah yhaneeha inshallah :)

Big Pearls said...

oh may she have the best marriage and a life filled with joy:)

Selezya said...

very nice words :)

o allah ykhlekoum 7ag b3th
o ywafgha enshalah

Unknown said...

sweeeeeeeeeeet n____________n

hope all went well with ur sis : )