Saturday, October 18, 2008

Think Pink


Zahra , confashion & all of u girls

i need pink high heels

any recommendations ??

Think Pink by april_q8


New Bride said...
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Zabo0o6a said...

i was at the comfort shoe yesterday , they have nice ones ;)

BLaSha said...

ALDO has coupla nice ones :) and i've seen a pair in nine west :)

good luck!

Big Pearls said...

Try this

Sn3a said...

روحي لايم لايت الصالحيه

وجيكي ريفر ايلاند جواتيهم وانتي بكرامه صج مريحه

انا كنت شاريه واحد من زماان من تشارلز اند كيث الافنيوز

Sara said...

check this yshwayeg 7ada :>

Charmbracelet said...

alla ee 7ta anna abee=p lol
no reason though just the idea of pink heels is hot ! =p
i saw one on blair on gossip giirl ! they were amazing !=O

Erzulie said...

go to al-othman. i was there two days ago and they have A LOT of adorable, fuschia shoes (high heels and sandals).

Missy said...


Selezya said...

I have seen one it was amazing and pink.. cant see like it NEVER
u know where?

New Bride said...

zaboo6a : thanks dear i will check there :) 3ad ana i love your style ;)

blasha : thanks dear

big pearls : Thanks u , but i guess they don`t accept kuwaiti visa or master card

sn3a : تصدقين لايم لايت لقيت واحد عندهم عجيب بس حسافة كان يلمع انا ابي مطفي
مشكورة حبيبتي

charmbracelet : looooool yalaah ana 6adaa 6ag brasee pink high heels

New Bride said...

missy : wooow 7ada 3ajeeb @@ bas 7safa feeh shway black :) thanks dear

selezya: loooool shnoo y3nee aro7 dubi !!!

david santos said...

Beautiful Shoes. Nice posting! Congratulations!!!