Saturday, October 11, 2008

Newbride goes to the Gym

yes i am . i joined "Shapes For Women "club , finally i decided to move myself from my couch enshalah enshalah there will be results , still i didn`t start a diet but enshalah starting from next week i will receive meals by calories Control "" wish me luck

akthar shay i will miss dining out , but i will hang out with friends enshalah and i will be strong enough to not destroy my diet enshalah i will do it

i need to lose from 10-15 kilos

but i will be real if i lost 7 in 3 months i will be 7adee far7ana

my hubby set a dead line 4 me itS DEC ;)

my weight :69

my target for now :58 i hope

wish me luck


Big Pearls said...

enshalla you will lose those kilos:)

Anonymous said...

where's the location of your gym?

Anonymous said...

where's the location of your gym?

Anonymous said...

best of luck

Tootah said...

Good for you
I am joing the gym too
All the best

Selezya said...

Good luck honey

Anonymous said...


tdren mn kthr matgolen diet oo diet
i thought that you are a real big fat gurl

inshalah to9len lee ur target
bs tra u r not that fat

MiYaFuSHi said...

Good luck:)

What is calories control? do u have their number?

Sara said...

entay mo fat 69 !! ana 66 :/

enshalaa t9eereen 58 :> gbel la a7amel knt 55 wal7eeeeeeeeen ana 66 :/ met5aylaaaaaaa wa'93iiiiiii :/

Flowera said...

good luck
we,shaaaAllah te'93efeeen
b strong
swimming & walking will help you alot

Unknown said...

emwafega inshaalh ham ana taqreban methlch :/

oo nawya aro7 rejeem yom el a7ad inshala 3nd " dr.bader el na9ralah" ooo aro7 gym " shapes "

eshrayech etshaj3ene oo ashag3ch :)

NewQ8 Bride said...

big pearls : enshalah yarab :)

pearls : it`s in jabrya infront of the mosque elee bshare3 the gulf bank

cat: thanks dear

tootah: good luck dear :) thanks

selezya: thank you dear

free moi : loooooooooooool ana mo big fat girl ana mafgoo9a fat girl :P

MiYaFuSHi thanks dear :) calories control nafs diet center tel:5385000 walah aklhom 7lo :)
with sport teth3feen

sara : 7abeebte hehehe nafs el7alaa bas at least entay metn 7maal ana no meten kesaal :)

Flowera : enshalah :) walah i loved the training methods at Shapes the trainer stick with u o i learnt alot from her

ga6oo6a : woooow wanasaa :) yalaah let`s do it :)

Blue_ribbon said...

good luck dear , wish u all the best :-)

Hottie said...

I need to join a gym :(

kAiKa-MGroMa said...

صج تعرفي على اختي بالنادي معاج