Sunday, October 26, 2008

high school

to be honest , i don`t know what to post about .

so , i went to high school musical yesterday with maryooma my niece , she was so excited and she couldn`t stop talking about how happy she is

the movie was sweet ,the usual teenagers topics , songs and dancing , there were alot of sweet teengers girls bl cinema , ya7loohom

Maryooma is on 3rd grade , after watching the movie , i thought that she is so young to watch a movie like that , we r so open with each other and mahsalah ehyaa klamha akbar mn her age so i tried to talk with her , i noticed that the habba now is high school musical

if your kid asks u to watch or have something that is habba and u know that its not appropriate with our religion what r u going to do ??

hmm i am thinking that it`s habba o btroo7 9a7 ???? or i should raise my kid to not follow any habba but how ??

alaah y3eena o y3een kil el parents

Friday, October 24, 2008


i tried it 3 weeks ago , it won`t fit me , i couldn't`t even slide in it , i tried to wear it in different ways , from up , from down , nothing . I thought that i will never wear this dress :(

i loved that dress , it`s fouad sarkis dress , and yes the Lebanese style dress 7adhom fit 3laa el body

today , i did it :))))))

i am going to a wedding party enshalah so jarbta o kaaaan 7ada eyanin o it was easy to wear it :)


Monday, October 20, 2008



و بعد جهاد اربع سنوات

بمكان ما اصلح اني اكون فيه و بمكان ماني لاقيه نفسي فيه


انتقلت رسميا

الى قسم العلاقات العامة

وااااااااي ما بغيييييييت

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Think Pink


Zahra , confashion & all of u girls

i need pink high heels

any recommendations ??

Think Pink by april_q8

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ipod touch

I am posting from my iPod touch. Waaaaaaw wanasa 7adee habba fey

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Newbride goes to the Gym

yes i am . i joined "Shapes For Women "club , finally i decided to move myself from my couch enshalah enshalah there will be results , still i didn`t start a diet but enshalah starting from next week i will receive meals by calories Control "" wish me luck

akthar shay i will miss dining out , but i will hang out with friends enshalah and i will be strong enough to not destroy my diet enshalah i will do it

i need to lose from 10-15 kilos

but i will be real if i lost 7 in 3 months i will be 7adee far7ana

my hubby set a dead line 4 me itS DEC ;)

my weight :69

my target for now :58 i hope

wish me luck

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


هذا البوست حق الغالية
كل عام و انتي بخير
و عيد ميلاد سعيد
و عسى الله لا يفرقنا
كنت اعرفج من يوم كنا نرقص بالروضة
و للأسف السنين اللي بعدها ما عرفتج عدل
بس هالجم السنه الأخيرة
احمد ربي انه صرنا قراب وايد
لأني افتخر انه تكون عندي صديقة
و مثل ما تقولين عسى الله يديم المحبة

Saturday, October 04, 2008

the wedding

El7amdelaah , thanks God , thanks God , the wedding party was extremely perfect , mashalah

Everything was right , waaay el 7mdelaah , the place was amazing , the Cosha was tyanin simple and class at the same time , my makeup and hair 3ajbnee 7ada ;) I know I shouldn`t talk about my self but waayed i loved the way I looked , 9ij ana 9ayraa the chubby bride's sister bas ham 3adee my dress 3ajbnee ;)
The bride my sister el7maraaa <----sorry , mashalah she looked like a princes , gorgeous , her make up mashalah waaaayed simple o tshweg 9arat

Everybody was happy , and everybody was dancing , the DJ was unbelievable mashalah although kan fe young girls kanaw yaboon swalef songs ydeeda like miami madree shnoo , but I am the boss , no helag songs

واي يا زين السامريات و الأغاني السنعه ;)

طبعا شعوري ما ينوصف اصلا انا كنت منصدمه و الله مادري بس قاعده احوس ما رقصت وايد :S

بس مشالله شعور حلو لما الواحد يتعب على شي و يلقى النتيجه حلوه من الناس انه الكل يمدح العرس ، العرس كان بسيط و عشان جذي مافي مجال الواحد ينتقد عشان جذي احنا ما نحب الفناتق و الحركات كل شي لي صار كلاسيك يكون وايد ارقى

بس الحمدالله الكل طلع مستانس

امبيه فيني قرقه لووول

احس شوي انا صرت شريرة انا و العروس بعد لوووول امي كانت تبي بنات خالتنا يدون عندنا بالدار قبل لا تدخل العروس بس انا ما رضيت لأن بعروسهم ماحد حط لنا اعتبار ليش احنا لازم ندخلهم بكل شي عشان جذي
قفلنا الباب و ما خلينا احد يدش عاد امي فهمت

ادري سوالف يهال بس ما نبي احد

بس و الله كل شي عدا على خير الحمدالله و الكل يمدح
طبعا لازم تصير جم شغله مثلا احنا نبيها تدخل بروحها بس وحده من ربعها الملاقيف قامت تمشي يمها اوووووف عصبت

و هم صارت شغله ما قالي عنها زوجي العزيز الا باليل انه قبل لا تبدا الحفله و اهو واقف مع الريايل اللي يسوون الكوشة احترقت كل ليتات القاعه بسم الله عاد اشوه الفندق نادوا المهندس و سوا كل شي

بس الحمدالله

الله يوفقج حبيبتي اختي و يبعد عنج العين و يردج لنا بالسلامه انشالله و مكانج راح يبين

الحين ما عندي شي اسويه فاضيه و ما كو تفكير انشالله راح اشد حيلي و اسوي ريجيم و ادخل نادي لأن رمضان يعفس الواحد

بس قبل كل شي اكو ناس عازميني على ماكي و اغلبهم هني بلوقرز ...... احم احم

رساله خاصة جدا :

Dear J

I don`t know how to thank u for what u did , enta mo malzoom enik toogaf ma3ana o tsa3dna 7ta my brothers were not there for us but you were so close to me and I will never forget what u did , my mom was happy because of u and my sister thinks that u r her favourite brother , thanks again and I love you 7obee

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

to my sister

My beautiful little sister, a rose bud born in May, I remember holding her carefully, wrapped in a shawl on her very first day.
She blossomed into a toddler feisty and full of life her favorite pastime was rapping, raving and causing trouble and strife.
I watched her grow up daily into a popular and confident girl full of conversation and entertainment that could put you in a whirl.
Her turning point in life came in the ty fry Inn when she met a handsome stranger and her heart he sure did win.
We know him for his love for my sister that's so true and his zest for soccer and Playstation games that the guys get roped into.
You can see the way she compliments him and he compliments her both calm, collected, mature, mad and full of love year after year.
Their commitment is so clear to see looking out for each other investing in life together with a vitality that amazes me.
So you see why it is not surprising that the next big thing they do is pledge the love they share by wearing the eternal ring.
I am proud to see my beautiful sister a rosebud born in May marry such a loving man who will hold and cherish her beyond this gorgeous wedding day.

Written and dedicated to 'Carol and Graham' by Claire Baker 7th September 2002.