Saturday, July 26, 2008

El Ejazaa 8 days left

My vacation is going to end next week , and I did not achieved any resoltuion that I set to myself .

I planned lots of stuff to do , but I didn`t do anything ,I was spontaneous , I was spur-of-the-moment , without any plans . anam o agoom o arj3 anam ba3deen a6la3 o maraat bas ga3da blbeet doing nothing .

Met7sfa ene ma saweet shay abeeh bas at the same waaaaaaayed merta7aa .

What so u think ?? do you think is all right to spend your vacation without any plans ?? ( if u r not travelling )) or u should stick to a programme ??

Ambeeh ma a9dg I am watching NOOOOOOOOOOR wee3 I hate myself


fatto said...

تخيلاي انا ماخذم اجازه 5 اسابيع وماسويت فيهم والا مشوار من الي لازم اسويهم .. كلا متعييزه .. حتن اعيز اني اطلع .. والحين من داومت هالسبوع خلصت كل مشاويري .. مادري الدوام يصحصح ؟؟؟

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! I thought I was the only one. I am on vacation and I had many plans to do. But I accomplished only 20% of the things I wanted. I feel so lazy, yet I like it this way. I don't like to go out. I hate the weather and I hate to get dressed for it! I feel like spending the whole day at home and eat. This is so unhealthy.

But, I try to keep in mind that there's a good feeling that comes to you whenever you accomplish the things you want. So, I hope you put that in mind and finish your plans.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I am watching NOOR TOO HAHA knt a3yeb 3alehom but now I am ok with myself watching as long as I point out what is silly and what is not (ye3ne when these ele they lost kel their lottery money o sakten 3ala6ol ba6aw chabde sara7a chena there are no lawyers in TURKYA GRR!


I love being spontaneous right after my hard work but 3a6ene a week o amel o I start planning my fun days.
Enjoy the rest of your break xoxo

Big Pearls said...

I don't take a vaccation unless I am travelling. I do my things on the weekend. il ijaza for me ma3natah sefar;)

Ansam said...

lol @ your last comment on noor! el fathawa o matsawi :-P lo kan 3indich plans chan ma enjarftay eb tayyar nooooooooor :-P

Squirreliya said...

no plans and merta7a is better than plans w mo merta7a ..for me, aham shay elra7a :p

Charmbracelet said...

no its okaii!! Buy alot of seasons w start watching instead of noor!
Coz I hateeee hate noor :0

Unknown said...

o mta ra7 ne6la3? haaaaaa

Sara said...

Ahaam shay el ra7aa wel noooooom :> aham men ay plans thanyaa :>

o Ana akthar wa7da knt a3ayeb 3ala ely yshofoon Nooor wal 7een 9ert a5as menhom !! bs y9eer wagt nooor lazem ajablaaa lool o bnafs el wagt agol ana shloon ga3da ashoofa >> bs shensawy >> alla kreem :D

Sara said...

new bride 7bebty 3afyaa i wana ask u about el kempeneski? shloon kaan yenfa3 aroo7la bl anneversery? ag9ed ten9e7eeny feh wela la? oo plz i want thier number etha 3ndich eyaah :> thaaaaank u sis

Anonymous said...

me too. I planned a lot and did nothing but sleeeeeeeep

NewQ8 Bride said...

fatto : تصدقين احس صج الدوام ينظم الوقت

cece: looool me 2 i hated the weather and also am lazy :) but walah merta7a :)

anonymous : loooooool u just like me ashoof nooor o ashta6 loool

thanks dear for your comment

bigpearl : me 2 this is the 2nd summer i spent in kuwait the first one was before my marrige i was planning for the wedding and this summer i am working hard with mom and sis :) me 2 i hate vacation here in kuwait , bas tabeen el9ij i needed sleep

ansam : looooooooool ee walah 9a7 klamich

squirrelya: 7abeebte walah 9a7 klamich el7mdelaah waayed ert7t

bebe n`nooni : i am done with lost season 4 am watching uglly betty and tudor shnoo akthaar ba3aad :)

zaboo6a : loooool enshalah miss u waaayed

sara : looool NOOR hathee mishklaa hehehe a7es ashoofha o ana mest7ya

o 3la seashell shoofy ohoo 7loo bas ethaa entay mo mt7jba ra7 testanseen ma3a rylich o kha9ah enaah anniversery entay yabeen tkoonen ma3ah all the time bas etha no ya3ne ma tgdroon tesb7oon ma3aa ba3ath but at the same time tra elra7a 7lwaa hnaak tageer

o this is the number :844444

pearls: loooool a7laa shaay