Sunday, July 13, 2008

days off \Sisters

Hey , I am taking 3 days off from everything , enshalah am going today after one hour to spend three nights in Seychelle resort (It called Kempinski b4 ) I am not a fan of going to resorts here in Kuwait but since we re not going to travel this summer , it kind of changing to routine .

Bas mashalah to my great luck I guess the weather is started to be dusty  heheh el7amdelaah

I heard that there is a privet swimming pool for women so am taking my swim suits with me and I prepared my tanning creams in case eljaw ta3dal

Enshalah astanes

update : hey it`s Sea Shell not seychelle!! am there now i will post about it 3ndee swalef

Dear Sis ,

I know u r busy in your life now , but why we are loosing contact ?? I tried to get back to you , contact you but what's wrong ??? I thought these days will be the best days in our lives to prepare for your wedding but u r not talking to me anymore , we are not the sisters who used to be . when i got married I was paying attention to u more than anything because I don't want U to feel lonely , but why u r keeping me away and I feel lonely sis , we r only 2 sisters we should be together but I don`t know why u r doing that

Miss u and good luck


eshda3wa said...

hope u have fun!

5roofa said...

have fun

o 3ala ur sis lesh ma tgolelhaa

yemken mo mla7tha ele e9er men el loyaa

alah e5aleko lba3th ya raab

salamz sweetee....

Big Pearls said...

tell us all about the resort o have fun:)

Squirreliya said...

haave fun in there ;)

and about ur sister, tell her ..akeed she is busy to think about it ..Allah ykhaleekum liba3ath w ywafeg'ha :)