Monday, June 23, 2008


i don`t want to be the bossy sister , i don`t want to , but why did that ??

Mom & Sis picked the wedding invitation without even telling that they r going !!!! ya ana shakoo she`s the bride , but i was so meshta6a getting her ideas and stuff .


i know ma yswaa a7taar bas e7treet oooof


OutOfReach said...

i would feel the same ....
try to involve akthar o0 3adi tell them that next time if they want to do something you would love to go with them , maybe they think your busy or something you dont know anyway mbrook :)
o0 inshallah everything will be ok ;)

Big Pearls said...

emmm you shouldn't be is her day

Flowera said...

لايضيق خلقج على شي صار وادري انه يحر ووايد ويحز بالخاطر بس الشي الحين صار وخلص وانتي اللي بتاكلين بروحج ، قوليلهم انه هالشي ضايق او طوفي الموضوع

Яeema said...

i dont have a sister

so i dont know your feeling right now

but i guess your mom want your sister to have her privet space with her

i guess this is the point


you just cool it down
ahaam shay allah yewafegha ya raaaabby ya 7abeby

Shaima'a Alkandari said...


3ADY 3ady t6eer wayd bs enty

la tsht6een

5roofa said...

3adi sweetee t9eer wayeed

la t39beeen

wala madry shagol

bs fakre feha aham shay tamshi el omoor enshala o teftakonmen el7osa o t5al9on el 3ers


salmtej men el 7ara sweet stuff

salamz sis..

Anonymous said...

don't be upset, maybe you were busy at work and they had nothing to do in the morning and they didn't want to bother you. so don't assume anything. Let them know you want to take part and give her advices but in the end let her make her own choices. remember you can always plan other things together like going to spa and that's more fun than choosing invitation cards and eventually people toss them away. Just relax and take it easy, they love you more than you think

Squirreliya said...

t3eeshi w takli gheirha :p

NewQ8 Bride said...

thanks all :) walah u helped me to calm down :) heheh bas shaswee ana dayman chthee eshte6a6 ;)

~Lush said...

AMBEEEEEEEEEEEE la2 ktabt comment 3 marat ish6ola o kil ma aktib ye5tefi ;@
Waii bas aktib later 3A9ABT !