Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Day with dad

Today i had breakfast with my Family at le notre :) wansa i miss going out with both mom and dad :)

Dad 7aabeebe 9ayer shayeb malah khilg y6l3 waayed , when I told him last night that we r going to meet at 9:30 he said : shnoo hatha gada wala ryoog ? ana atryag elsa3a 6:30 !!!! dad 7abeebte makoo shay yfta7 at 6 except ma63am hindi !!!

i am a copy/paste from him :) nafs el wayh bas i am the girl version from him bas
bas 7asafa am not tall like him o mashalah jesmah 7loo ana ma 9rt chthee :((

this pic taken by my sis for him bl shaleeh

Walah wanasaaaa , I was not a breakfast person but now ana 9ayra amoooot 3laa el breakfast o atlathat feeh

Al7eeen tawnee 6alba Maki ( zaboo6a tethakrtich ) bas o ga3da 3nd my family till J yrj3 mn el race .

I have a decision I will never sit with depressed people cuz 7adhom ya3fsooon yooome kilah and I feel that the depression will transfer to me


Gee™ said...

alah y6awelech eb 3mura
nice shot :)

bs la ta6reen maki coz 7ada eb 5a6ri o ga3da asawi diet ;Pp

Shayouma said...

Awww cute.. daddies are cute.. that is a lovely picture and I agree with your desicion..

Big Pearls said...

I had maki yesterday...yummy!:)

eshda3wa said...

u should always surround urself with positive energy
oo allah ykhaleelich ur dad

Fajorie™ said...

that was so sweet =D
its fun going out with the family =D

allah y5alee lech both ur parents o ye5aleehum lech =D

NewQ8 Bride said...

G |-| a |) 0 o |2 : thanks dear :)
o 3ala maki tra 7ada khafef

shosho : thanks :) eee 7adhom cute

big pearls : bl3afya dear

eshda3wa : thanks u dear o 9a7 hanging out with positive people waayed shay moree7

feminist: thanks alot dear

Ra-1 said...

Wanasa teshbeheen your dad hehhe :)

5roofa said...


alah e5aliii o e6awel eb3omra yaa raab

el pic mashala tyaneen

its great u had fun

salamz sis...

Anonymous said...

I loved ur dad already :)

Ansam said...

very nice picture... alla yekhalekom eyah

Unknown said...

hehe , b3ad 3mrey :**
allah y5aleleej elmama o elbaba inshallah , o mta nro07 marrah thanya? :Pp

Ms Loala said...

Alla ye5aleh lekom inshalla oo ye6awil b 3omara :)

Le notre's beakfast is amazing. I enjoy every part of it, specially that big one infront of the sea.

Glad you had fun sweety.

asameee said...

I love breakfast! it's the nicest meal of the day! :D

Ruby Woo said...

Mashalla your dad looks young.. I thought that was J's pic!

~Lush said...

aww CUTE !! 6:30 HEhehe ana TAWNI ray7a banam hal 7aza lol :P

eee nas depressed only make you MORE depressed 7ta lo mafech shy !! it's the negative vibe they send ;/

NoNoWa said...

It sounds like u had a gr8 time....hope u have many more to come.. :)

LeNotre is so yummy :)

Anonymous said...

allah i5aleelich iyaah oo i6awil ib 3umra ameen yarab ;**