Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Movie and more

Enshalah tonight i will watch Chronicles of Narnia enshalah it will be interesting malee khlig y6l3 baykh am going enshalah at 12:30

على قولة اخوانا المصريين بنروح حفلة السينما سواريه

as i said i ve been getting very intensive pain in my stomach and today i just noticed why , I have been drinking Pineapple juice before breakfast , and grapefruits juice in the after noon , a girl told me this will help me loose weight , 7adee t3bt so i stopped today wel7amdelaah i feel better

Sho Sho : 7adeee i am ready to go with u walah tra 7adah fun hnaaaak ;)


Яeema said...


you know you remind me of outside

eeee cairo a7la shay hal 7azza

you wont believe me if i tell you that more than 3 years i didnt go to the cinema!

i dont know why!

becarfull ALOT!

at this time ( crazy poeple all over the place )

take with you hair spray

Big Pearls said...

hope you enjoy the movie:)

Unknown said...

Wanasa, ysawnes elfilim , enjoy ;)

5roofa said...

eeee ambii ana mara sawetaa

sawali filim el pineapple

have fun egolon ena 7elloo

salamz sweetee....

Ansam said...

I hope you enjoyed the movie... how was it by the way?

Anonymous said...

enjoyit babe :)

Shayouma said...

Hope you had fun in the movie!

Tadreen, sa3at widdi aroo7 el islnad, o sa3at abi aroo7 bil cartoons of Disney.. O marrat baroo7 Madrisat Harry Potter.. lol madri leesh kil ma ashoof shay, abi aroo7 lah!

Selezya said...

wish you have fun

~Lush said...

how was the movie ;)
3a6ena review :P

Ra-1 said...

I did it once ayam eljam3a the movie was Pearl Harbour, It was just me and my brothers walla wanansa :)

Flowera said...

كثرة القريب فرووت موزين
أحسن شي الماي + الشاي الأخضر

وان شاءالله توصلين للوزن اللي تبينه