Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lets Partyeeeeeeeh

wooooooooooooooooooooooow i really had fun walah 7adeee .

Today i went to Ra1 `s sister graduation party , mashalah mashalah we really had fun and enjoyed our time , thanks Ra1 and thanks to your sisters mashalah u r such sweet girls .

i loved my look :)) e7m e7m adree amda7 nafsee bas kefee :P

and 9ij i had fun wanasaaa

wish u all the best girls :)

i don`t know if should go to villa moda sale or no hmmmm madree malee khlig za7maa bas wedee aroo7

anonymous : thanks for your comments , i noticed that u r still alive ,but i am so sorry that u r sick 3afeyaaa roo7 or roo7ay motay o yah i am happy el7mdelah and yes i am in love at least i am a human and i can LOVE

sorry but i have to write this msj to this maskeen\maskeena


lottery draw said...

I truly appreciate it.

Zabo0o6a said...

3alaij bel3afya dear :) , i demand pics when i see you ;)

Ruby Woo said...

Ignore the anonymous comments..
I love graduations!

Big Pearls said...

glad you enjoyed the party dear:)

mantovani said...

تحية طيبة و بعد

انزين شرايج اني محتر من اللي دش
عليكم العيادة بو رقم 220


~Lush said...

Babe don't even bother reading what that sick anonymous sends u ! cos ga3da ashofich et7eren nafsich 3la sha59 mayeswa
bs etshofen his/her comment delete 3ala 6ool ;)

glad u had fun ;P
ABIII AN3iiiZiiiM partys :(

Ra-1 said...

It was so much fun :D thanks for coming! I loved your dress :)

Cat said...

good that u had fun

5roofa said...

looool happy u had fun sweetee

salamz sis...

Shoush said...

Glad u had fun! And mabrook to Ra-1's sister! :)

Ms Loala said...

Glad you had fun :P

And about the Villa Moda sale thing, don't go! Kella hailag and in fact, i'm not even sure they are brands. They are crap and soooo old fashioned :\

Selezya said...

great to hear that sweety


SpiKeY said...

ma3alach from the anonymous comment...these are the ones who are jealous and dont have what you have..


MUSTANG said...

eee wAnASa halayam killa 7aflaat ta5aroj;)w 3ala el anonymous ana madry shgal or shgalat bs ma3aleech mn 7achee el naas w walla a7aad yamma btsm3een 7ache 7ta mn agrb ennas lech bs d5lee mn hne w 6l3e mn hnee..asln la tda5leena moo leyaa wala t7reen 3omrch ;P hehe
w enshalla 7ayatch kilha FuN;D