Thursday, June 12, 2008

7adee m39baa

i am Mad 7adee , I am having my 1st big hitch for this year , ya I am so mad at you J and this time I am going to break the rule ya I will sleep without fixing anything ok , I will break our promise I will , I am not going to talk to u really OK


Selezya said...

تعوذي من الشيطان بليزز
هدي حبيبتي انشالله الخلاف ينحل
لا تنامين وانتي معصبه ترا والله مو زين
وبعدين شلون تقدرين تنامين وانتو بينكم شي؟؟
انشالله ينتهي الخلاف باقرب وقت

Anonymous said...

extremely difficult.. sleeping while still mad at the one u most love...


FourMe said...

t3awthay min eblees w stahday bilaah w 9al7ay raylich.. alah yahdeekom 3ala ba3aath inshala..

Big Pearls said...

oooooh calm is ok take your time..think clearly and fix it.

~Lush said...

calm down =/
i hope u feel better in the morning and realize it was all not worth it sweetie =)

Anonymous said...

The first 3 months there have to be a big fight, its normal , but the way u behave now will determain his responeses later on. what happened is it that serious?

Anonymous said...

everyone has their bad times. have a shower and watch tv till you sleep. it helps a lot

bas baini oo bainich, you need to talk to him and sort things out between you too before you go to bed, it helps much more

Shayouma said...

I can't sleep while I am on disagreement with anyone and I always tell my son, don't sleep when you are angry or sad..

Inshallah everything is ok by now?

Q80-ChillGirl said...


its ok to stand up for ur self show your point, very normal, dont over do it and NEVER let ur anger take u away from his vertues, look all over ur blog and ur life u will see that he gave u a lot of smiles :D still we are all human, never perfect but open for change

لا تصيرين مع حزب "يكفرن العشير" و لا تخلين العصبية تاكل عقلج


its normal, be well and wise :D

Ruby Woo said...

Don't ever go to bed wintay m3a9ba.. Try to work things out!

NewQ8 Bride said...

Selezya : i can`t sleep walah and i never did it and i will never do it :)

vyyvaa: adree walah and i know i couldn`t make it

how is Hajar :)

NewQ8 Bride said...

fourme: thanks 7abeebte ma ga9arty

lush : thanks dear for your comments :) i feel great now :)

Ra-1 said...

goleela ma asam7ek ila eb hadeyya ;p

Are u coming 2 the party?

Anonymous said...

My comment is 3ala ur comments here on the readers comments :)

I saw enech ma nemty wentay za3lana 3leeh ..

good for u w 3afya 3ala el sha6ra :)