Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Still nothing \ mad anonymous

i don`t feel well these days , and i don`t have the gut to do any kind of test i will wait

i didn`t expect that all of u will noticed what i am talking about :P

love u all walah i feel u r great friends that really support me .

if anything happened i promise i will post about here first

Anonymous people : plz Get a life if u hate me that much and showed me shloon enta or entay mtrbya bl comments plz don`t read my blog kefeee !!! ana ma a39eb 3laa ashkaal chthee bas ana waayed nafseete ta3bana o abee a6l3 7arrte so plz why don`t u give me your blog so i can know what kind of posts do U write about ?? ba3deen u r telling me e7naa shakoo feeech ?? shakoo fenee don`t read my blog kefe oooooof ma yswaa a7er 3mree 3laa chthee ashkaal bas walah feeh nas really sick

so plz get a life and plz give a visit to any psychiatrist


~Lush said...

babe la t7eren nafsich mateswa hathol nas fathey walah !! ohma shako mo 3ajbhom la yeqroon !! 9ara7a ana astanis 3ala ur blog o don't stop coz i will keep reading, o 6al3i 7aretich 3ala kaif kaifech it's YOUR blog o eli mo 3ajba e6iq asa bil 6ofa ;)

Shayouma said...

Don't bother with them..

You should do a test, it's been long enough my dear *pushes new bride through the door* ;)

Q80-ChillGirl said...


i wish that ur wish comes true :D im waiting for the big news, and yes i understand what ur waiting for, better wait, tests after a few weeks tend to be more accurate :D

*bd3i lech*

Big Pearls said...

I am waiting for the happy news:)

don't bother about's ur blog and ur free to say what u want..o illi mo 3ajbah la yegra!

Manal said...

keep down

and have some rest

you will be fin dear

and I know

we will read something nice about you in the short time


5roofa said...

lool afa 3aleej shlon ma n7es fe our sweet sis

ya rab esahel 3alej smela 3alej men el ta3ab o el nafseya el 5aysaa

enshala kel shay e9er more than OK

o 3ala el anno

5al azeflej eyahoom lol

wala wala ehemej o 3a6ehom bo labas ana malet menhom o a5rta ya 7alaty o oho ma yadron 3any bel privet

smela 3alej o 7e6e balej 3ala nafsej o goly kel ele tabene e7na nesmaa3

T.C sis...


Dawn said...

Oh dear..
just ignore... I can't say more than what the girls said but this is the last thing you wanna deal with right now...
Just keep the faith, keep your spirits high, and take care of yourself...
allah ye7meeki

eshda3wa said...

inshallah khair!!

keep us updated !!

esTeKaNa said...

البلوق مساحتنا الشخصيه
نكتب فيه كل ما يخطر في بالنا
ماله داعي نسوي اي تشفير لافكارنا ومشاعرنا دامنا ما نجرح احد ولا نتعدى حدود الادب بشي

كتبي مثل ما تبين
ولاي همج تعليقات المجهولين
ماحد يجبر احد على القراءة او حتى التدوين

انا اقدر ومتقهمه عدل اشلون تعليق عابر ممكن ان يغير النفسيه
بس انا عندي يقين انج انسانه راقيه
قادره على تجاوز اي ضيقه من اشخاص مجهولين
يارب تكونين بخير

KTDP said...

no need to get tested.....

Just ignore it. That's what I usually do when I feel like crap (every OPD day) and it works perfectly......

Ansam said...

ignore them :-) they are empty-headed people who have nothing better to do.. I hope you feel better soon

asameee said...

khalhum ewaloon 3anch

rencontrer Pauline said...

ouuuf same to you girl, theres some one pissed me off but hey im a psychiatrist here:P may i help for sick ppl mind:P