Monday, May 19, 2008


we are done with the elections , so what are we having now ???

i have lots of things to do at work , enshalah i will be capable to to do all the work in a proper way enshalah cuz this is my chance to change my department and asked them to transfer me to the PR

enshalaah i will work hard to get what i want .

mom is nervous , i know why cuz my sis 7adha lazy i know there is time till the wedding but she is not showing any help or support and i know my mom waayed 7ara i am the same .

i don`t think that his is summer am traveling 7safa , but i will Wait maybe after the wedding

wooow 9ij abee asafer and to be honest i miss London , it`s been 5 years since the last time i`ve been there , i am thinking of Maldives 2 , hope J will think of it he is not that much of traveler
i want to go Venice again , it was amazing last year, am in love with this city

Moreover i wish to go to Haj 9ij

alaah kareem elee alaah katbaa be9er

- i am in love with 2nd phase of the avenues :) a7laa shay it`s next to my house and i can go there anytime i feel bored

- pregnancy <--- people will not stop asking me , ya3nee shaswee !! mo bedee halshay it`s from God ooooof ma yst7ooon

J alaah ykhaleek le

mom and dad <--- madree shfenee but i miss u , maybe i have to go out with them one day


Big Pearls said...

I hope u get what u want at work..

it seems like u wanna travel everywhere..try to stay focused at one place and plan for it..

I'm going to check phase 2 of the avenues today enshalla:)

Blue Moon said...

itsadgeen lel7een ma shift phase 2?


Allah yarzigich bl 7aj, wel 3yal, o kil ma titmannain!

5roofa said...

lool alah ewafeg ur sis yaa raab

o 3ala 7anat el naaaaaas se2lene fehoom

law3o jabdi bel zawaj wala karaht shay esma zawaj menhom lool

madry ahej asafer 3shan y5efon el 7anaa ;p

o alah e5alelj kel el t7ebenhom ya rab

salamz sis,,,

Unknown said...

-same here i really wanna go to london again , take me with you :Pp
-mom and sis is actually living at the avenues men ba6elaw el2nd phase. ( tsk tsk! m ta ra7 nro07 together :Pp)
- best of luck on ur work ;)

Journal Entries said...

7ada widdy ashoof il second part...

madry laish fee awadim chithy ma 3arfoon il sana3 oo 7adhum ligafa ma 3laich minhum tara ily eb yig3ad yisma3hum yit3ab... allah yarzigich enshallah oo la tihtamain feehum..

Selezya said...

enshala t79leen kel ely tabeena yarab
wallah ywafeg ur sis .. she have to b more serious

take me with u etha safrtay :p
ag3ad 3ajla ma sawy shay walah :p hehehe

g.luck sweety :)