Thursday, April 10, 2008

work & More

I feel so fatigued these days , it’s all because the lack of Vitamin B , thanks god after taking the pills my body started to loose weight , I was just like a balloon now I feel relaxed and light

Any way I woke up today late as usual , J decided to punish me and he is going to have new rules regarding morning wake ups I am so lazy :P . Today I have this decision to talk to my manger regarding my state at work , I am a hard worker , they know that , I organized some exhibitions for the collage , sometimes I stay after work . what pissed me off that I don’t know what I am doing , I don`t have any job description . I am not that kind of person ele mo hamnee shay bas akheth ma3ashe o ag3ad , I know this is 7raam . but as said kil wa7da tgeeb they told me to take her place , I hated that , so today I talked to my manger she was shocked that I am not doing anything !! she promised me that she will fix that with dean cuz she is my direct boss . wish me luck


Shaima'a Alkandari said...

allah wyaj

i wish you agood luck

wlatskteen 3n 7gj

Ansam said...

Good Luck

OutOfReach said...

hello there
i'm always late regarding to your post this makes me feel sad i miss wishing you a happy, since i believe its never too late for anything i'll wish a best year happy birthday dear enjoy your 27 :)
about this post I think what you did is good thats very brave ,, talking to your boss about what is bothering you most of ppl dont have the courage to do what you did :) anyway i wish you the best dear ...
have a nice day

Sara said...

new bride saalamaat !! pills what??

r u ok?

o 3asaa allaa ysahelech kel omoooooorich :>

5roofa said...

waaay alah e3eenej ethaher el karaf bel shegel mentesher hal ayam

bs wanasa kalamtehaa yala el fal le atkalam 3ala el shegel ele 3ala rasi o mo 3ala ras a7ad thany ;p

salamz sis....

eshda3wa said...

i love the way ma yadroon 3an their employers and u have to go request work

ya salaaam

Manal said...


I know how do you feel
when you are in a worm bed
under the blanket

alah esa3dech
and you are the second woman after me of course
saying that the pills does not put on weight
I agree

and i wish you best of luck in your job dear

have a nice day

Big Pearls said...

I wish u all the best with ur job sweety:)