Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"There is no better friend than a sister. And there is no better sister than you"

. ~Author Unknown

my sister "elj3da" , we fight and after one second we talk again as if nothing going on , we only have each other we are 2 and we always said that if there was third sister we will not be her friends :P

i love her so much really i love her , why i am saying this now ?!?!

she got engaged

i can not imagine that really my little sister is going to be taken by him

i am trying to act cool but i want to hug her and never let her go waaay babchee

alaah ewafghaa he is agood guy o enshalah alaah ytamem

so i am so busy these days with her cuz i want take every step with her

waaay "S" bathb7ich


Anonymous said...

it was extremely tough on me when my younger sister got engaged... was very hard walla, and she was sooo involved, and very bitchy. i never beieved i changed after marriage, but my sister sure did... this is not a very helpful comment i know.. but i hope ur going to be in a better state with your sister.

Ansam said...

alla yekhalekom leba3ath inshalla wewafig-ha wetamim 3alaiha :-)

Glitter said...


Why cry?
Aslun 7addah WANASA :)

IlFal 7g ekhty inshaAllah :*

Anonymous said...

allah yewafegha enshalla ya rab w yetmem 3leeha w ye5aleech laha w y5aleeha lech :)

She is sooo lucky to have you as a sister

Sana3OMana3 said...

Mabrook wanasa i like it when you gays busy with marriage stuff tara ana 7adee ma3ende shau a7eb adoor fel sooq ;P

You remind me almost 10 year ago when my melcha i come back home after mid night and i was so happy and want to talk about it with my younger sis just 1 year younger we was so close together. but i was shocked!! that she was looked her door and pretending that she is sleeping! bas 3ogeb dareeet enha ga3da etkalem "my close friend" and crying for all night :(

lol my friend is her friend too we was so close 7ata fel friends

Unknown said...

that's great I wish her the best :D

NewQ8 Bride said...

vyyvaa : la tra u r sisters o malkom elaa ba3ath :)

ansam :) thanks dear

glitter : alaah ybarek feech , waaay i know 7adaah wansaa a9laan ana meshta6aa akthaar mnhaa bas waay there is this feeling that this man is taking your littile sister :) elfal 7ag ekhtich enshalah

cat: waaaaaay 7abeebte thanks alot walah i am luck to know u walah thanks dear

sana3omana3: welcome dear to my blog :) yaah i love shopping 2 o 9a7 my sis did the same 2years ago when got married she was crying all night :) also my frinds are her frinds 2 :)

vixen : thanks dear

Sara said...

MABROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK :D wanasaaa 1000 1000 mabrrrrrrrrrrok :> menna el maaaaal o menhaaa le3yaal enshallaaaaa :>

o 3aSaaa Allaa Y5aleekom 7g ba3a'9 YARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAB :>

Unknown said...

ur post made me cry

My Myriad Life said...

Mabrooook! Alah ewafegha! You girls are going to have so much planning and everything that has to do with the wedding! It might bring you even closer!

Super Woman said...

الله يوفقها ان شاء الله ويتمم عليها
والله يخليكم حق بعض ولا يفرقكم

Anonymous said...

Congrats. Allah ytamem enshalla o ywafeghom ya rab...

sis I really like your blog.. o a6el bain fatra o fatra agra lech.. a7s wayd shakh9ya 6abee3ya o i think that's why I feel good when I read your posts o still visiting you here.. wish you & your sis a good luck

one more thing, I need your email.. I want to talk about something o a7s ma agdar akteba ehnee

your sis; Sh

eshda3wa said...


allah ytamem 3alaiha oo yhaneeha inshallah

5roofa said...


alah ewafegha ya raaab o ehanehaa

salamz sis....

Shoush said...

Mashala, Allah ywafighom inshala. :)

Shayouma said...

This made me cry.. Allah yikhalleekom 7ag ba3ath inshallah.. I miss this kind of bond bas elhamdilla 3ala kil 7al..

Big Pearls said...

alf mabrook o allah yetamem inshalla:)

Selezya said...

lol chnch ekhty etha enkh6bt ana lol

allah ywafgha enshalah wytamem ely feeh el khair enshala
bashrena :)

Ra-1 said...

Where is my comment!!!