Saturday, April 12, 2008

Thanks God i am Woman

My day was totally girly day , although I am having symptoms of flue but I decided to not ruined It , I went to Spa at the afternoon , then i went back home had lunch took a nap cuz I was tired , I dressed up and went to the fashion show . before I entered i thought that I am over dressed but when I went in side and saw these lovely girls waayed estanst , wooow all the girls were wearing dresses holding their clutches and they were cheerful enjoying their stunning looks , laughing , talking , gossiping , and having fun J this is our world

Mashalah Leadership lnc`s really worked hard to present the show in a proper way . Mrs Lolwa Alge6amy was the guest of honour mashalah she is elegant lady .

To be honest the dresses were normal , I love Brown's Boutique's dresses , but over all the event was amazing everybody was having fun , the models were so cute girls and they were enjoying what were they doing

I don`t know how to describe it but I enjoyed my time , I had my VIP ticket so they gave u bag with some hair products .

Keeping in mind that the funds collected go towards charity makes u feel comfortable and happy that I had fun and I did something good
Definitely I am going to attend more events ; )

thanks God i am a woman we have such a nice thing to enjoy ;)


Yara said...

Wanaasaa 3alaich baalf 3afyaa i wish i was there :(

Big Pearls said...

sounds like you had fun..I am glad u did:)

Unknown said...

glad that u had fun ;)

Anonymous said...

what was in ur goodie bag?:)

Ansam said...

I was there too... I dont think it was well organized... It started like an hour later than scheduled...

They would tell us its the end of the show and then realize there is a whole new line of a designer that wasnt presented.

Overall it was a good change and I hope next time its gonna be organized MUCH better... and in my goody bag I got OPI nail color in Grand Canyon Sunset which I LOVE hehehehehe YAY!

Anonymous said...

u seem 2 had great time
good 4 u and may all ur days full of joy :)

Glitter said...

7asafa I was away and i missed it :/

Kil shy sar wana msafra:
3awasif, tholooj, intifatha, even fashion shows !!!

Very exciting weekend kan bl Kwait!!!

Dawn said...

well not only you had a good day but it was for a good cause.

Hope you have many days like this.

NewQ8 Bride said...

yara , big pearls,zaboo6a , feelingtalk : walah i had fun thanks enshalah next time u will be there

anonymous: there r some hair products and purple nail polish :)

ansam : yah akeed kan fe some mistakes but over all it was really fun

dawan : yeh that is the good part :) kisses to your cute baby

Anonymous said...

ana ma3a ansaaaam.. oo 6l3naa gbil laykhlis..

oo 6il3lii bil goooodddyyy bag blue nail polish ;p


vogue said...

glad you had fun :)

there's a L'inc talent show coming up too!