Monday, April 07, 2008


every time i start posting something happened and i closed blogger :)

this time enshalah nothing will happen :)

Thank u all for your great comments on my birth day

و الله العظيم وايد استانست و ماني عارفه شنو اقول

Ra1 : i don`t know how to thank u , u r great cousin o madree shloon aredlich what u did kafee ench ta3btay nafsich o yateene elbeet . love u

Zaboo6a : 7yate walah u r so nice o tahbleen thanks for passing by walah

to all of u thanks thanks thanks


today at the collage we have this nice exhibition and i found :
Day & night

fashion Show

When :

12Th April 2008

6 pm - 8 pm

Where :

Movenpick Convention Center

Shuwaikh , free trade Zone

Tickets : 7 KD General Ticket

15 KD VIP Ticket

Contact :


Limited amount of seats so call fast

Females only & boys up to the age of 8

انا حجزت اللي تبي تيي معاي تحجز :)

و ترى الفلوس راح تكون حق اعمال خيرية


Barrak said...

اكيد الفلوس حق اعمال خيريه ؟

Glitter said...

Who's the designer?

Big Pearls said...

Thanks sweety..I will consider it:)

Unknown said...

7yaaj 7abeebty , u simply deserve the best :**
i was 2day at the exhibition bs ana o loytii wain asho0f wela ab9er? :Pp

Yara said...

Abi aroo7 weyaach bas what is it about

Selezya said...

انا ماراح ايي بس انتي شوفيلي بدلة حلوه حق عرس اختي لوول
شوفي عني :p

Ansam said...

et-hagain nice show? ana I got invited to it on facebook bes madry! O a7la shay inna its charity event! nice

Ra-1 said...

Ma sawet shay! glad u liked the gifts :) i love u 2 :*

NewQ8 Bride said...

Glitter : to be honest i don`t know really

big pearls : u wellcome dear

zabooo6a : 7abeebte alaah y3eenich 3laa el looyah

ansam : walah madre i hope so and as u said it`s a charity event :) so mo mohem :)

This Lady said...

sorry i'm late but Happy Birthday.. u deserve all the best sweety!

what is the theme of the show? regular clothes or evening or dararee3?

5roofa said...

wanaasaaa bs ambii sooooooo busyy 7adaaaa mako wagt

bs have fun o golelna sheno tshofen

salamz sis...

Coconut said...

heey Happy-bday.
sorry im late :S

Ansam said...

7ajazt tickets for the show :-D heehee wanasa

NewQ8 Bride said...

ra1 : 7abeebte walah ma ga9artay

this lady : 7abeebte thanks alot :) it`s night & day show

5roofa : 7safa chan zeen tyeen :) i will tell u

ge6awee : la dear 3adee thanks alot

ansaam : coooooool r we going to know each other ;)

Ansam said...
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