Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I, M , take you J , to be my wedded Husband to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, 'til death do us part: according to God's holy ordinance, and thereto I pledge you my faith.

i love u J it`s been long time i didn`t dedicate any post for u

i t was my dream to say that in my wedding day :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008


The role of the big sister starts , my sis kind of malha shegel b shay she is so cool o 3alam thanee moreover she is in love now so 7adha mo fatheya , so as usual i am the sha6a o looyah o mn mall le mall , mom &dad ray7een el3mra for the hall week , so galbe ma y6aw3ne lafeet 3la el hotels to chck shnoo ako makoo so i figured out that we have to choose between The Palms or Sheraton !?!?


مريت اليوم معرض بقرطبة لأني دريت انه اكو لفات حناين في نوع معين كنت ابيه

طبعا انا ما احب المعارض الصراحه شوي نصبه على العالم يعني شنو يايبين نفانيف من الصين اسعارهم 70 و طالع ؟؟؟

المهم لقيت وتحده تبيع لفات حلوه غيرحناين فقلت فرصه اشتري حق اختي و خذيت لها فجأ جان تقول المره تبين من هذا ؟؟ كانت ماسكة شي خام مستطيل اسود و داخله جيبون كشكش نفس اللي نلبسه و احنا يهال

جان اقولها شنو هذا

صدمتني قالت لي هذي القبعة الل تنلبس تحت اللفة بس تنفش لما تلبسينه !!!!

شنو هذا بعد ؟؟

قلت لها لا لا مابي قالت كل البنات يلبسون جذي

قلت لها انا ما البس لأنه حرام

وايي استغفر الله شنو هذا و الله صج صج انه حرام


وايد بالي مشغول ووايد قاعده افكر و احس بدت اللويه

يمكن انا بعد وايد شطه صح

هممممممممممممم مابي امي تقولنا خلوا بنات خالتج معاكم يساعدونكم بالعرس

مابي احد

محد قدرني عشان اقدرهم

مادري شفيني اشتطيت

our bedroom AC stopped so we r sleeping in the living room it`s fun walah bas 7asaafa J nam o khlanaeee :(

kena nabeeb nesehaar

bas t3bt :)

i feel that my blog will suffer from me the coming days waayed ra7 a9eer 7anna

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"There is no better friend than a sister. And there is no better sister than you"

. ~Author Unknown

my sister "elj3da" , we fight and after one second we talk again as if nothing going on , we only have each other we are 2 and we always said that if there was third sister we will not be her friends :P

i love her so much really i love her , why i am saying this now ?!?!

she got engaged

i can not imagine that really my little sister is going to be taken by him

i am trying to act cool but i want to hug her and never let her go waaay babchee

alaah ewafghaa he is agood guy o enshalah alaah ytamem

so i am so busy these days with her cuz i want take every step with her

waaay "S" bathb7ich

Saturday, April 19, 2008

the weekend & the flu ends

el7mdelaaah my flu ends , I went to the dr again last Monday and she thought that I am having a severe flu , virus so she gave me 3 days sick leave, thanks God I needed that , I just stayed at home stress-free ,thanks God I am fine now

J took me yesterday to the avenues so I can change my mood, I didn’t like the place cuz it's crowded but I loved the flower campaign woooow waayed kan raw3aa

I don`t know what to say I feel empty enshalah bacher I am going back to work

To be honest male khlig :P ambeeh I am starting to be lazy and I am not like that

Sorry but I have nothing to talk about

Yeeeh I know 7adee gadeeema but I started to watch lost  o 7adeee mndmjaaaaa

I started to dream about it , my god does this thing happened to you ?? when I started to do or watch something I dream about it , usually I don`t dream walah but I remember mn awal ma bdeena el internet I had dreams about mirc shakhbaree , paltalk , games website blog and also tv shows , so now all my dreams are about Lost ;)

Monday, April 14, 2008

swalef malhaa salfa

تعبانة و فيني نشله و راسي يعورني
i hate that Dr she refused to give me more than one day sick leave :(

- my new habba waaay wanasa

- i feel dizzy

- thanks God i am loosing waight without starving ;) wanasaa

- enshalah a good news is coming on the way for my sis waaay enshalah alaah ytamem ;)

- في شي غاثني ما احب كويت اف ام يلوعون جبدي ليش البنات اللي بدقون كلهم يتحجون جنهم خايفين و منخشين بالكبت ؟؟ و اصواتهم جنهم بيموتون ؟؟ ويع و المقدمين املق منهم ماكو
مساكين قاعدين يقلدون

البطاط المقلي الجاهز ا>ا انشوى بالفرن طعمه وايد احلى وخفيف

حرف th
اللي بالعربي مو قاعد يطلع عندي مادري شلون اطلعه
كل ما اطبع يطلع لي

لووووول توني لقيته

sorry for being silly , 3adee cuz i am sick o daykh

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Thanks God i am Woman

My day was totally girly day , although I am having symptoms of flue but I decided to not ruined It , I went to Spa at the afternoon , then i went back home had lunch took a nap cuz I was tired , I dressed up and went to the fashion show . before I entered i thought that I am over dressed but when I went in side and saw these lovely girls waayed estanst , wooow all the girls were wearing dresses holding their clutches and they were cheerful enjoying their stunning looks , laughing , talking , gossiping , and having fun J this is our world

Mashalah Leadership lnc`s really worked hard to present the show in a proper way . Mrs Lolwa Alge6amy was the guest of honour mashalah she is elegant lady .

To be honest the dresses were normal , I love Brown's Boutique's dresses , but over all the event was amazing everybody was having fun , the models were so cute girls and they were enjoying what were they doing

I don`t know how to describe it but I enjoyed my time , I had my VIP ticket so they gave u bag with some hair products .

Keeping in mind that the funds collected go towards charity makes u feel comfortable and happy that I had fun and I did something good
Definitely I am going to attend more events ; )

thanks God i am a woman we have such a nice thing to enjoy ;)


showtime stooped showing some tv shows as u know , till july , so i feel that i have nohing to do on Mondays as i used to do :) so my cousin told me about this great website called and now i am watching GossipGirl . this web site is great 9ra7a

about today where were u during the storm ??? waaay it was scary to be honest thanks God i was home

okik have anice weekend :) enshalah bacher am going to the fashion show i will tell u about it ;)

see ya

Thursday, April 10, 2008

work & More

I feel so fatigued these days , it’s all because the lack of Vitamin B , thanks god after taking the pills my body started to loose weight , I was just like a balloon now I feel relaxed and light

Any way I woke up today late as usual , J decided to punish me and he is going to have new rules regarding morning wake ups I am so lazy :P . Today I have this decision to talk to my manger regarding my state at work , I am a hard worker , they know that , I organized some exhibitions for the collage , sometimes I stay after work . what pissed me off that I don’t know what I am doing , I don`t have any job description . I am not that kind of person ele mo hamnee shay bas akheth ma3ashe o ag3ad , I know this is 7raam . but as said kil wa7da tgeeb they told me to take her place , I hated that , so today I talked to my manger she was shocked that I am not doing anything !! she promised me that she will fix that with dean cuz she is my direct boss . wish me luck

Monday, April 07, 2008


every time i start posting something happened and i closed blogger :)

this time enshalah nothing will happen :)

Thank u all for your great comments on my birth day

و الله العظيم وايد استانست و ماني عارفه شنو اقول

Ra1 : i don`t know how to thank u , u r great cousin o madree shloon aredlich what u did kafee ench ta3btay nafsich o yateene elbeet . love u

Zaboo6a : 7yate walah u r so nice o tahbleen thanks for passing by walah

to all of u thanks thanks thanks


today at the collage we have this nice exhibition and i found :
Day & night

fashion Show

When :

12Th April 2008

6 pm - 8 pm

Where :

Movenpick Convention Center

Shuwaikh , free trade Zone

Tickets : 7 KD General Ticket

15 KD VIP Ticket

Contact :


Limited amount of seats so call fast

Females only & boys up to the age of 8

انا حجزت اللي تبي تيي معاي تحجز :)

و ترى الفلوس راح تكون حق اعمال خيرية

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

it`s My Birthday

It`s my birthday

thank u all for your nice words

thank you for all your support

thanks for everything :)

J i am happy that i am with you love U waayed ( waiting 4 the surprise :P )

Mom & Dad U r my first love


My sister a7bich wayed

to all the people that i know i love u and i am going to start a new year so plz forgive me if i did or said anything wrong to all of u

To all my Bloggers thanks for being there for me :)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

one Day left

"There are 1 days till your next birthday on which your cake will have 27 candles.Those 27 candles produce 27 BTUs,or 6,804 calories of heat (that's only 6.8040 food Calories!) .You can boil 3.09 US ounces of water with that many candles"

So one day left :)

i can`t waite hehehe