Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thanks 2 U

I would like to apologize for my previous post , I wrote it when was extremely shocked and sad . Thanks God I calmed down after I Prayed and after I read your precious comments . Thanks God , Thanks U all for being such a great support to me , that’s why I love blogging :) Thanks walah

i heard that Armani casa is now opening at Shwekh Pepsi Cola Street , does anyone pass by ???


Unknown said...

im glad you're feeling better : )

Big Pearls said...

don't thanks us sawaina shay..ur our sister:)

vancouver said...

الحمدلله انج احسن الحييييييين
مره ثانيه لا تكتبين وانتي ضايق خلقج
تخرعييينا عليج
اضحك معاج ترى
كتبي كل اللي بخاطرج
وربي يشرح صدرج

بهالمناسبه نبي عزيمه سوشي

~Lush said...

el7emdelah ur feeling better 7bibty :*

OutOfReach said...

i'm glad your better now :)

Anonymous said...

... nqp.. i follow u, and u make me feel this world still has some kind/child-like innocence.

take care of ur self girl, and hope u r going from good to better always.

Ansam said...

I hope you are feeling much better today and enjoyed mother's day