Friday, March 28, 2008


Laying in my bed

In my room


Talking to J J remembering the old times ;)

It`s cold the A C is turned on

Waayed wansaaa

O 7ad el relaxation

O banam this weekend enshalah 3ndee waayed plans

Enshalah it will be a nice weekend

Yalaah yappy weekend


running.out.of.time said...

hehe enjoy ;p

running.out.of.time said...

hehe enjoy ;p

Ducati said...

دام المزاج عالي والله يديم هالشي استمتعي بكل لحظه بس لا تنسينا نبي نسمع اخبارج


~Lush said...

a7laaaaaaaa sh3ooor :P
o have a HAPPY weekenD sweety ;)

Big Pearls said...

I hope it will be a happy weekend too..and I need to get loads of sleep.

FourMe said...

alah ytamim 3alaikom :)

Selezya said...

happy weekend :)


miss u :)

5roofa said...

lool have a nice weekend 2 hun

salamz sis...

Shaima'a Alkandari said...

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running.out.of.time said...

Hows "the relaxing so far?" :p noticed that you're married and thought you might help me with something if you may ;p check my blog , thankyou.

vancouver said...

هابي ويييييك اند

واحلى شيء والله رااااحة البال

واااايد استانست على البوست قبل اللي طاف


NewQ8 Bride said...

running.out.of.time : thanks dear :) wish u all the best 2 ;)

Ducati : thanks thanks :) enshalah doom elkil merta7 o don`t worry i am full of news ;)

~Lush : eee walah a7laa shay sh3oor elra7a yarab i wish u the same

Big Pearls : yaaah i slept waayed :)

Selezya : miss u 2 dear :)

5roofa : thanks dear

Dawn said...

I love your blog. And congrats on the wedding. Better late than never, right?
can I link your blog to mine? It's my son't blog but I'm the one who is blogging.

Let me know, plz.