Wednesday, March 05, 2008

kuwait sushi Delivary

I was hungry as usual :P I asked my hubby if he is staying home or going to dwanya cuz if he was leaving I was going to order Japanese but if he was staying my choice will be burger , he noticed that 7adee abee Japanese so he said he is going ;) 7abebe ( I know he wanted to go :P don't think he is the good and I am the bad hehe)

So where I can order tasty japanese , Maki , sushi club , but I remembered once I came through a Kuwaiti sushi web site I looked for it in the history till I found it

It was 9 :00 pm I thought it's too late and the wont get my order , I talked to that friendly Kuwaiti guy ( I guess he is young from his voice ) he said it's ok to order , but the delivery will be at 11 if it`s ok for , I was hungry so I said yes :)

I received the order at 11:14 he called me at 11 and told he may be late shway : ) this is a good credit for him ;)

when i first received the food , the packing was nice

my order : Tartare Maki <---3ajeeb i loved the souse , Tampura maki <--3ajeeb

mix maki <--he recomanded it for me and it was mo 6abee3ee and Green maki <--it was fine

one of my orders

ya3nee 7araka am eating :P u can see mashalah the quantity mashalah waayed i couldn`t eat it all hehe maybe i orderd too much :)

they thought i have a party :P

the website :) u can see the leftovers :) mashalah waayed

in general
the food was fresh , tasty and clean , i felt lack of salt ( i love salt ) but it`s ok cuz you can use the sauces .the chopsticks shway kanaw not that good

overall : it was anice experience and i am sure that i am going to order again
i give them 5/5 why ??? the food id fresh as i said b4 , tasty , clean and the service was amazing and also the prices was reasonable you can check the pries on the web site my order coasted me 8 K.D

one final word : i feel happy when i saw Kuwaitis having such nice projects :) Good luck Bro


Silver said...

Looks good...bil 3afya:)

Big Pearls said...

I'm not into japanese bas the food looks nice..3alaich bil 3afya..I might give it a try to encourage the kuwaiti projects..thanks for sharing with us sis:)

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy. I will try that when I get the craving. I had Japanese last night too.

eshda3wa said...


now im hungry!

Ansam said...

wow there prices are lower than all the Japanese restaurants I have been to! I am ordering for lunch tomorrow

FourMe said...

Hate Japanese food but loved the packaging ;p

vancouver said...

عليج بستين الف عافية برايد

ماشاءالله مبين الكوالتي والشغل مرتب

والصراحة ماتخيلت كل الطلب 8 دنانير بس
يمكن لاني اكل صمونه الفلافل بكندا
بدينار و750 فلس
غلوها الدايخين
اول ارخص :(

صحتييييييين على ألبك

اهم شيء صدتي الحركة وانتي تتناولين السوشيه
هي هي هي هي

Anonymous said...

you can order sushi from

can you send the phone # for this restaurant please

Missy said...

Yummy! 9ar 5a6ry! ;p

Yara said...

Ma7ib Sushi :/ a9lan wala mara jarabta.. etha re7na ma63am japanese akil la7am or deyay :)

Unknown said...

bel3afyaaaaa sweet thing ;)
it seems good even though i never tried sushiii , yalla when are we goin' for maki? :Pp

Anonymous said...

We appreciate what you've wrote about us on your blog.. and we're glad that you liked our food.

Bil3afya :)

david santos said...

Really beautiful!
Thank you and have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...


abe sushi

yw3tene :(

Oranjina fadidra said...

Gonna try it myself!
now Im hungry ;\

This Lady said...

yummm! looks yummy! And i'm so glad the price is reasonable. All the japanese food thats in Kuwait is too expensive!

G said...

Well if you like Japanese food there is one place i go to because the rest here they sux. It is the best because it is a pure oriental Japanese they have some fusion thats only if you ask. And i prefer that you dont order because the food wont be as fresh. The restaurant is called EDO

powder said...

loooks geeeewd

5roofa said...

bel3afyaa :D

missed u sis
salamz seetee..

NewQ8 Bride said...

g and l : thanks :) yeh so tasty

big pearls : u haveto give it a try walah tra tasty

ruby redux : u have too dear tra waayed tasty

eshda3wa : alaah y3afeech :)

ansam : 7adaa rkhee9 walah :) hope u liked it

fourme : give it a try u will love it :)

vanvouver : looool eee 7adee meshta6a :) thanks dear

7saftich ya kuwait : sorry i didn`t responed early , i know 6alabat but i want ed something new :)

i will send u the number

missy : yalaah give it a try

yara : traa walah waaayed 7loo :)

zaboo6a : alaah y3afeech dear :) yalaah yabeelah maki :)

kuwait sushi :) thanks wish u all the best :)

free moi : heheheh yalaah 6lbay sushi

oranjina :) hehehe yalaah try it o bl3afeya

this lady : 9a7 walah the prices waayed zeena

g : i heard about it but never tryed it enshalah i will :) thanks alot

powder :) yaah really goooood

kharoofa : miss u waayed waaayed alaah y3afeech

No3iK said...

wow impressive mashalah

o 3laich bl 3afya

definetlely trying them ;)

thanks for the review.