Monday, March 03, 2008

i am blanks

My mind is blank, I have nothing to write about so I don't want to be boring

I discovered something, I am addicted to blogging , reading blogs that's what I mean , and the only thing that can stop me is playing games

Blank blank blank


Glitter said...

Ok I have a question for you:
You got married out of love? wella khi6bat ahal?

ولد الديرة said...

هم زين

مساحة للإيجار :)


Anonymous said...

what games u play?

NewQ8 Bride said...

Giltter :) love love love :) but i had along kh6ba almost 6 monthes

weld eldeera : t9adeg !! great idea :P thanks bro

cat : i buy games from but i found this website with cool free games :)

Big Pearls said...

I am addicted to bigfish games too..I liked "Hot Dish"!

طعم السُكَر said...

i like reading blogs too
and i guess im on my way to addiction