Sunday, March 09, 2008

I am an Angel , my Name is Evil

The Evil inside me is disguising as an angel , trying to place this bad bad idea inside my mind and making it beautiful . I am wearing 7jab since I was 13 years old and it was my own choice , I am so proud with it . I don't know what is going on with me after all this time I have this ideas of taking it off!!! . I don't mean that non-mt7jba girl is bad girl or something kilsh no waayed mn elbanaat elee mo mt7jbaat a7san alf marrah mn el mt7jbaat , the terrible thing that is I am mit7ajba , if I was not it will be normal , but I am having his feeling every time I go out and watch the girls dressing nicely , it is hard for met7jba girl to be stylish , every time I decided to go out with my husband , I wish I could grab polo shirt , jeans , flat shoes and still look gorgeous .

Astgfar alaah am trying to at3wath mn eblees every time , hubby is telling if take it off , in front of God he is not responsible . I love my 7jab , I lived with it , and I look nice , and stylish
So Please angel take off your mask I know u r an Evil


NewQ8 Bride said...
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Lala* said...
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Big Pearls said...

don't listen to the evil! I am like you, I have been wearing the 7ijab for a really long time. I am really into fashion, and I do envy the non met7ajba girls sometimes but deep inside me I know that I have won much more than what they have. retha rabbi foog kil shay:)

SpiKeY said...

if you kow me would know am not into met7ajbat...but i got married recently..yo a met7ajba...and am proud of her...i dont look at other girls when i go out..coz all i see is her...

am sure ur hubby feels the same

Anonymous said...

a friend of mine took it off and she is regreting it now..keep it its not worth it.

hijab now is diffrent than b4 with the long skirts and the hastle its the long sleeve polo shirt and the jeans and the flat shoes just with a scarf on the head..

im not mit7ajba and inshala im looking forward to the day when i wear it with black abaya too (when god will)...for me its all or nothing ;)

eshda3wa said...

jehad elakbar fee eldinya ohwa jehad elnafs

in the end its between u and god

Anonymous said...

I've had this feeling a few times throughtout my 8 years of wearing the 7jab. But in the end I brush the thoughts off and think how lucky I am in other ways. Oo ad3i inshallah rabbi ya36eeni il thawab ily aste7iqa.

Bas lil asaf il denya tghayarat wel7een il naas gamaw y7u6oon "labels" 3ala il met7ajbaat. Bas wallah itha enlebas bil 6areeqa il 9a7ee7a, wallah shay jameel. El setir wayid 7elo oo wayed zain.

And you CAN look nice with it. As long as you are within the limits, you can! Oo ba3dain il fashion mo kil shay. Bil a5ra ma ra7 yefeedich il lebs wel style. Intay ga3d itsaween shay 7ag rabbich, never go against it now that you've done it.

Kelena en7ib il style wel malabis il 7elwa wel 5afeefa. Bas fakray feeha inich ga3d itsaween a sacrifice for something much much worthwhile in the end. :)

FourMe said...

Alah ythabtich w yab3id elweswaas 3anich..

I'm sure it must be SO difficult to see girls around dressed in different ways but at the end of the day you can still be so stylish while met7ajba in a nice way not cheap. I've seen so many met7ajbat dressed so fashionably and amazing (in mo7taram way)so if they can do it I'm sure you can.

Glitter said...
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Anonymous said...

i know exactly how you feel. im not met7ajba and recently came back from 3omra. i couldnt stand it the whole time i was there. even though it was for a week.

No3iK said...

7abebty .. this is not just eblees .. its ur femininity screaming.

if u think about it 7gab is about covering all ur most attractive and feminine parts .. starting with ur curves .. and closing with ur hair :)

there are many stories and things that shows u how important hijab is not for ur out side but for ur inside .. image and self respect.. and how others will see u.

like some bloggers said al dinya t`3ayarat and now na`6rat al nas 9arat different but at the end the 7gab and its concept is solid .. so its their loss .. the ones who try to make u feel sorry or sad for having to wear it.

flant it love it .. cherish it and respect it .. it will be there for u when u need it .. lamn we leave al dinya .. e7gabich ra7 yishfa3lich o yish,had 3nd allah and say .. ehya elbisatny when it was very hard in her time to wear me .. and she did it everyday .. and with love :) where if u want to be fashionable with polos flats or heels .. non of them will come out to speak out for u .. or protect u .. they are just objects .. where 7gab is far more than just a scarf or an object.

sorry 6awalt 3laich :* i had to say this since ive been in ur shoes before.

Anonymous said...

Kick the evil ass out of ur mind !

me me met7ajba and I consider my self stylish 7eel .. w akeed u 2 .. and every body else !

lebsay polo shirt w jeanz w falt shoes bel beit :)


5roofa said...

looooool tara 3adi wala ana teye hal 7ala bs ambi la t7atyn fatraa

mojarad thrba bel mo5

enty stylish bdon ma tgolen sis

salamz swetee...

This Lady said...

ana mo mit7ajba because honestly i dont want to, and feel that the heart & soul are more important than the hair.

wallah i know its tough and hathi waswesat il shai6an. but dont think about style and things like that. think about better and more important things. i'm sure u r both mit7ajba oo aneeqa. dont worry about it.

Yara said...

Nafs 7alti.. etyeeni 7alat agol wedi albis 3abaya, o 7alat agol laish ma aqe6 el 7jab :s Bas no way i would never do it..
ana ta7ajbt alone o bro7i in my family met7ajba.. my husband loves it o wayd eshaje3ni o ygoli kalam 3ajeb eli no way abi aqe6a

OutOfReach said...

you can wear what ever you want at home ;)
dont worry you are still stylish even when you cover your hair i know it is easier for el mo met7jba in everything ... but you do what your hearts tells you to do and what you believe in .. and think of why you are wearing it ...
we should start a new line for el met7jbat here in kuwait eshrayech ;P

NewQ8 Bride said...

first of all i want to thanks u all waayed waayed u supported me :* o b3deen ektshaft waayed bloggerates met7jbaat kint metkhayla enhom mo mt7jbaat :)

lala : mashkoora dear i know it`s jehad o ana waayed a7eb my 7jab walah

big pearls : thanks thanks thanks dear eee walah lma afkir ene mmsawya shay farth artaa7

spikey : awal shay mabrook bro , 9a7 klamik hubby wayed ye7b shaklee o ygoole entaay style o 3ajbtnee

pink : enshalah yaraab tt7jbeen o enty u loveit i did the same walah t7jbt broo7e bas madree shfeene :P

eshda3wa : thans u waayed dear :*

sunny : mashkoora waayed :) o 9a7 lazem ynlbes b6areega 9a7 o ham ykoon 7lo bas alaah yhadeehom fee bnaat mbad3een :P

fourme:) allah ysma3 mnich enshalah :)

glitter :) 7abeebte ya bride to be :) 9a7 klamich

anonymous: walah it is not that walah :) i love it 9ij

no3ik : mashkoora waayed 3laa elklaaam el7loo wayed walah ert7t

cat :) hehehe 7abeebte akeed entaay stylish 3aad entaay elee kint sure ench mo met7jbaa ;)

5roofa :) waay zooga :) heheh adree chthee 3arra :P

this lady :) 7abeebte thanks walah o enshalah one day u will think about it

yara : ana chthee walah bas i can`t wear 3abaya :0

ana t7jbt broo7ee no one toldme o love it o no way age6a bas tyenee el7alaah o my husband daymaan ygoolee shaklee class bl 7jaab :) u 2 ma tkhayalt ench met7jba :)

thanks all walah

vancouver said...

نيو برايد

والله انا متخيله انها حاله صعبه اللي تمر عليج لما تفكرين بهالشيء
ماراح اقولج خليه او قطيه
بس دايما تذكري السبب الاول اللي خلاج تلبسينه
تذكري لما لبستيه لبستيه عشان ترضين الله
مجرد ما تفكرين جذيه اعتقد كل تفكير بالموضه راح يتبخر
على فكره كل الماركات السبور
عندهم بلوزات اكمام طويله
شنو اللي فرق
تقدرين تكونين خفيفة وبجينز وفلات
+ سكارف

اللي تفكره تقطه لازم يكون عندها سبب
اقوى بواااايد
مثلا الحر بصيف الكويت
مو الموضه

عاد انا متخيلتج
واااايد ستايلش
والله جد
فما بالج باللي يشوفج

Ansam said...

Big Pearls-
You can never tell if you have more than non-met7ajbat! O retha rabbich mo bas for met7ajbat! I get upset at such comments! Inshalla alla rathy 3alaina all! Sometimes met7ajbat have MUCH less than non met7ajbat! I dont like that kind of generalization!

Ra-1 said...

Remember the party last week?
When we were sitting in the garden for dinner and I was in my short dress wearing makeup and everything and the weather was amazing,
u know what I told the girls?
wanasa sho3oor enee mo met7ajba :p
It’s normal to have these thoughts sometimes, but we have to thank Allah (swt) everyday that we are wearing hijab and that not anyone is allowed to see our beauty :)

Thanks for your sms, I will think about it n_n

Anonymous said...

think about why you put on the hijab in the first place. if it was for God, then ask yourself, if you put it on for God, will you now take it off for someone or somethg other than God?

i have been wearing hijab since i was 14. it hasnt always been easy. but i love my hijab and love wearing it ---because i love the ONE for WHO i am wearing it

of course you can still look beautiful in hijab! whether you wear hijab with an abaya, or with a skirt or with jeans. you can still be modest and stylish at the same time, now it is easier than ever. but dont forget that in hijab you shouldnt be displaying your beauty. it is sad to see a hijabi in full makeup tight clothes, revealing her body etc. hijab is honour, dignity and righteousness. that is beautiful in itself!!!

so hang in there girl and dont give up!!! insha Allah for whatever you struggle and have difficulty with, you will be rewarded for it!!!

Anonymous said...

first of all, Thank God that u wear it in early age.. for me i wanna wear 7jab .. but as am getting older it is difficult to do it.. i see that girls with 7jab just look gorguese and staning ..
Now i know why all married women with 7ijab hate me :/

miss ghesquiere said...

excuse me, allow me to say one thing. God created you without any clothes, did God create you in sin? sta8farallah. your religion is here to guide your life and to take you planes of higher knowledge where you can come closer to attaining the Truth. Please dont insult the Word of God by reducing it to a peice of cloth on top of your head.

Anonymous said...

When u talked about fashion and cloths ,, now everything 3la il mootha is suitable for muhjabat
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