Monday, March 31, 2008

اللهم استرني فوق الارض و تحت الارض و يوم العرض

i received more than 5 e-mails with smiler subject " Kuwaiti Bank " , i guess most of u received it plz don`t forward this e-mail plz , alaah amar bl seter

this is sad walah people taking these things as joke . this girl doesn`t know that the video will be spread o hnee 6ab3aan ma yg9roon . ooooof 7adee 3a9bt

Be Careful girls . o alaah yaster 3aleena o 3la kil bnaat el moslmeen madree shno 7alat halbnt now bas alaah y3eenha :(


Glitter said...

نفس احساسي بالضبط

I received this email but i didn't forward it to anyone,
and I always fight with my friend for sending me emails that are insensitive!..

اللي ما ترضاه حق نفسك، لا تسويه بعيال الأوادم

Thank you 7beebti 3la hl email, o inshaAlla hl naas t7is shway 3la damha!!

Shayouma said...

eee me too i don't like forwarding emails like that..

Anonymous said...

thanks to God I didn't receive it and I hate forwarding stuff like that too

Ra-1 said...

شسالفة :/

Big Pearls said...

ma sheftah..bas I don't foward e-mails in general unless it is something good..

MiYaFuSHi said...

can some1 forward it to me so I know what you are talking about? :P

5roofa said...

mskeenaaa alah e3enhaa madry wal ma sema3t 3an e email

bs la twa9en 7are9 sweetee

aked methel ma b5af 3aa nafsi b5af 3ala elnas

thasnk sweete o hadi hdii

salamz hun...

Anonymous said...

What kind of e-mail was it ??

Shoush said...

I dunno wat the email was about, bs from wat ur saying it's probably something bad. Maskeena the girl. And ya, bil q8 may9adgoon 3ala Allah oo seeda gossiping oo 5arabee6. As u said, Allah amar bil sitra wili yastir 3ala ilnas Allah yatir 3alaih.

Allah y3eenha oo yikafina sharhom inshala.

A3sab said...

I received it twice thought it was sick for someone to record it and spread it and forward it.
I felt sorry for the girl all i3eenha

Anonymous said...

I know which video you are talking about, a friend of mine showed me a link to it. I personally do not see what the big deal is, they were girls just acting silly and goofing around. They were not drunk, naked or dressed in a questionable manner. I do not personally think or agree that that was the right place to goof off and act silly. Perhaps they should have done that in private at a hangout or something.
As for those judging them for what they did, just keep in mind that we will all be judged one day, and not by those around us. Keep in mind, we will all be resting in our own graves, and if you are appalled by what they did, then keep in mind that you are making a horrible and even worse mistake by sending it to everyone.

um-miT3ib said...

im with miya;p

eshda3wa said...

ma shifta

inshallah it will blow over soon

vancouver said...

اتصدقين انا توصلني صور
عروس وخطوبات
لناس ما اعرفهم

مو حراااااااام
ولا احاول ادزهم
اخاف من الله
بس اشلون توقفين هالشيء
بهالزمن صعب

Barrak said...

يالله سترك

Anonymous said...

Elmoshkela ena aghlab elnass saraw egathon wagt faragh`hum eb scandels and gossip o lageen men yesma3lehum..bss low kell wa7ed fakkaar enna yaster 3alaa ellee eshofaa 3ashan Alla yaster 3aleh chan sar 7al elkuwaiteyeen wayed a7ssan men el7aal ellee ohma feh now... 3alaa elaqal egathoon wagt faragh`hum eb shy yenfa3hum..o hal kalam 7ag both girls and boys coz la7athna lately enna elreyayeel saraw yetkalemon o edawroon elfethaye7 akthar men elbanat ! Allaa yahde o yaster 3al eljamee3 enshalla..

Anonymous said...

i didn`t check my e-mail foe while ( i mean forawrd e-mail ) but what i felt is that was very bad one