Friday, March 21, 2008

back as a normal newq8bride

Ok , now I am calm and living in peace of mind Thanks God , last week was totally a trouble week , I admit , it turned like that because of me . so it started with mom when I was in Bahrain reminding me all the time to get my lab results that I did at the hospital and try to forget because I was afraid what the results r going to be .

I am a coward I know , I try to forget things that I don`t like but I can`t hide any more , so I went to the hospital and got my result , my Dr was not there so I just want a Dr to read for me the results , so there were only one Dr I went in , she got my file and told me : ooooh am sorry you have low progesterone that's why u can't get pregnant . I was standing there , with a shock in my face , she refused to tell me anything more because she is not my DR . I went out walking to the parking and my tears were falling ( ashwa I was wearing big glasses ) I know that low progesterone = no ovulating .

I called J crying , he keeps telling me khla9 mo mishkla o I don`t care I didn`t marry u for kids , my mind was block . I called mom again and she told me it`s ok and it`s not a big problem and there are cure for everything .

My appointment with my Dr was after 2days from hearing the news so during these 2 days I was not acting normally , I cancelled some arrangements with some friends (sorry zaboo6a) and I kept googling about the symptoms, the cure and the possibility of getting pregnant .

The day arrived I went to her she told me ok it`s not a big problem she just gave me some vitamins pills and that`s it !!!!!!! all that movie I made was nothing , el7mdelaah el7amdelaah she told me yalaah have fun and get ready for pregnancy enshalah and don`t ever think about it .

El7mdelaah , el7amdellah , so I will have fun , enjoy my life and never think about  so wish me luck : ) Happy mother's day


Yara said...

B3aad 3omri laa et7ateeen kelish... my friend has VERY low levels o el7een 3ndaha 3 o 7amel :) ya36onha pills o another friend obar.. .its ok wayd nas chethi bcoz akelna mo 9e7i i guess.. bas kelna lazm nakheth mothabit o hal swalef its ok u r normal :)
o yalla bashreena soon ok :) meno ur doctor? Nahida el 3ali KHAYAAAL 7adha 3ajiba

Glitter said...

This is a VERY EASY problem, don't worry dear :)

Wish you all the best inshaAllah, o hopefully next year on mothers day you will be holding your own baby ..

U'll be in my prayers :*

~Lush said...

hehehe chenich cute baby :P
e3tefasty o el salfa vitamines :P
yala la et7aten enshalah in NO time et7amlen o eta7al6men 7azat`ha men el 7amal LOOL :P

Shayouma said...

Habibti don't think too much the first thing that makes pregnancy late is your nafsiyya..

After I had my first son, I couldn't get pregnant for 9 yEARS.. And i was thinking all the time and obsessing about it.. then, I decided to let it go and I thought el hamdilla i have one.. and soon I got pregnant with my second boy when i was least expecting it i even bought 4 tests lol!!

so, just dont think too much and enjoy life.. it's not always easy but try your best..

Big Pearls said...

just be calm and inshalla illi feeh il 5air o allah katbah be9eeer..don't worry..there's almost a cure for everything these days:)

charisma said...

صبااح الورد

حبييييبتى انتى حبييبتى

الحمدالله على كل حاال وان شاااءالله ما تصير السنه اليايه الا انتى اتسولفيين عن البيبى الى مطلع عينج


لا اتفكرين بهالموضوع وخليها على الله سبحانه وماكو شى مستحيل

والله دوم يطمن قلبج والحمدالله ان الموضوع بسيط نيو برايد


5roofa said...


b3aad 3omryyy 3aawarty galbii

shofe kel mara enty tbje 3endi hal mar ana bjet 3endeej

ambi enshal yarab ya ra t7mlen o teyeblnaa baby ehablej methleej

bd3elej bkel 9laat mwafga yal '3alya

i know ull bee the be MoM eveeeeer

T.C sweetee o Have Fun

saamz sis...

Shoush said...

Omg, that insensitive doc! 7aram 3alaiha!!!

Yala good luck babe, inshaaaaaaala ya Rab u'll be a mommy in no time. :)

FourMe said...

alah yarzgich bil thoreya e9al7a inshalaa .. kil shay ebeed rabich don't worry btakhtheen n9eebich inshalla

NewQ8 Bride said...

Yara : 7abeebte thanks walah , bas shaswee i was scared ana awaal wa7da atzawaj fbeetna i don`t have older sisters that`s why ma a3ref shay even mom :) alaah ysma3 mnich enshalah

glitter : thanks dear wish u all the best 2 ;)

lush : hehehe eee walah afashel 7adee , thanks dear alaah kareem enshalah

shosho : 7abeebte thanks :) o alaah ykhaleelich 3yaalich :)

big pearls: thanks dear for your nice words :)

charisma: 7abeebte thank u waayed waayed , enshalah i will take you words

kharoofa : loooooooooool akheeeran bacheetich :P heheh esm elah 3aleech mn elbachee , o thanks for your support dear walah

Unknown said...

newbride i'm gonna kill you , it's alright u should at least have told me about ur problem i'm suffering from hormones disorder since forever i could gave you an advice and my aunt is a gyno :)
any how el7mdella it turned out well

This Lady said...

dont worry 7abeebti everything will be alright. ili Allah katba biseer..

there r so many cures for everything. patience (ilsabir) is the best thing.

Shoush said...

Haw? Where did my comment go!

Enigma said...

7abeeebty khara3teeeny wallah thag khilgy at first! il 7amdillah ina it's an easy thing oo inshallah you'll get pregnant.

bas let me remind you of one thing, tara akthar ily ma ya7meeloon it's because they are STRESSING you are still young (o la7ad igolich 3ax hal shay) oo your husband is wonderful he is not pressuring you so bas tefa2ilay and don't think ina you won't get pregnant, think that you will!


Gmashah said...

7bebty ... allah yarzegich enshala oo mat9er el sena elyayya ella '6anach beeen edeech oo m2athech :**

oo kel shy khera oo 7ekma men rab el 3almeen .. bethoof 3abda ya9ber !
oo khalle emanich qawi oo intay emanich qawi mashalla .. o tshofin kel ell kheeer :****
love you alot

Chicken Soup said...

7abeeeeeeebti :// min ziman mo garya ur blog bes 7abait agoooolich inna mako illa il3aaafya ;* dayman koonay mtfa2la walla 3awartay galbi bes like the other comments say, 7mdilla theres a cure for almost everythinggg walla vitamins oo obar oo kilshay, winshallah t7mleeen oo tyeebeen a7la babies inshalla ya rab goolay ameen ;* bes lat7ateeen willi Allah katba by9eeer! ed3ay oo thekray rabbich dayman witha u neeed to talk aw ayshay i7na killina mawjooodeeen win7ibbich oo nabi lich il5air :D
smile oo cheer up and TAKE UR VITAMINS! :***** matshoofeeen shar!

Anonymous said...

aww ya raby what a beautiful news hun .. allah yrzgch beli tbeeenh ya rab ..

enjoy yr life & stop worrying bcoz it prevents getting pregnant sooner =)

No3iK said...

7beeebty im sorry to say this but its the doctors falt she should of gave u more details mo chithe t3algich!! akeed u will panic! and cry .. ma alomich since u had no idea what was going on.

al7imdellah e6amantay o 6amantena ma3ach
having a positive attitude helps in getting u pregnant by the way, not just the pills ;)

so keep on having fun girl!

Sara said...

7beeebty new bride lay'9eeg 5elgich .. enshalaa soon ta7meleen oo tentaf5aaain lat7ateen .. 9adgeeny mashakel el 7amel zayda these days kella men akelhaa el mo 9e7i :/ ely tet'25ar 3ala ma ta7mel wely ta7mel oo yanzel 3aleeha dam o lazem ta5eth mothabetaat oo obar o loyaa :/

o lat7ateen 9adgeeny 7altich sahla oo ma menhaa 5ooof .. fe naas mashakel el 7amel 3ndohom kbeera oo el7emdela ham ya7meloon :>

so have fun oo enshala sooon nshoofich warmaaa b ethen allaaa :D

the tooth.fairy said...


Lat7ateen ! It's just like any hormone problem, it can get fixed by medication and pills, and even diet ! :)

I always think of what would happen when I get married and worry how my kids are gonna turn out, because in our daily lives there are so many things that are bad for the health and everything is possible..

But you needn't worry :) Oo the less you worry the more your gona be relaxed

Enchanted said...

yaaay!!! ashwa umbaay i5tara3t;D Allah ewafgich w u bring the cutest baby :***

Anonymous said...

Take it out of ur mind, and u'll get pregnant sooner than u think !

the.thinker said...

ديري بالج على نفسج .. وعلى صحتج
وان شاء الله تفرحين بالبيبي اللي ياي ويكون لج خوووووش بيبي =)

وان شاء الله تحطين له صورته :)

Anonymous said...

Ikhty allah biyarzigich inshallah wala it7ateen :) ilyom sima3t 3an aytain ilwa7id yigrahum itha yaby allah yarzigah fa gilt agoolich 3anhum igreehum oo tiwakilay 3ala Allah :)
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
{و زكريّا إذ نادى ربهُ ربِ لا تذرني فرداً و أنتَ خيرُ الوارثين}
سورة الأنبياء آيه رقم ٨٩
{هنا لِكَ دعا زكريّا ربَّه قال ربِ هب لي من لدنكَ ذريةً طيبة إنّكَ سميعُ الدّعاء}
سورة آل عمران آيه رقم ٣٨

broca's area said...

wish u good:)

Arabian lady said...

il7imdila :D !..
Yala Allah ysahel enshalla ;P

Anonymous said...

low progesterone doesn't mean you can't get pregnant. It's like high prolactin or any other hormone related to fertility but it doesn't mean you have a fertility problem. Almost every woman goes through these things.

Just enjoy the time you have with your husband right now, la7ga 3al shigga wil loya.