Monday, March 31, 2008

اللهم استرني فوق الارض و تحت الارض و يوم العرض

i received more than 5 e-mails with smiler subject " Kuwaiti Bank " , i guess most of u received it plz don`t forward this e-mail plz , alaah amar bl seter

this is sad walah people taking these things as joke . this girl doesn`t know that the video will be spread o hnee 6ab3aan ma yg9roon . ooooof 7adee 3a9bt

Be Careful girls . o alaah yaster 3aleena o 3la kil bnaat el moslmeen madree shno 7alat halbnt now bas alaah y3eenha :(

Friday, March 28, 2008


Laying in my bed

In my room


Talking to J J remembering the old times ;)

It`s cold the A C is turned on

Waayed wansaaa

O 7ad el relaxation

O banam this weekend enshalah 3ndee waayed plans

Enshalah it will be a nice weekend

Yalaah yappy weekend

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

shnswee?? material world

شنسوي يعني ؟؟؟؟
ابي اتحلطم اليوم مادري شفيني احس صايره مملة
واي ليش جذي احنا بالكويت عايشين بمجتمع مظاهر
و هالشي يتعب و الله و ما اقدر اقول اني مالي شغل بالناس لأني مو عايشة بروحي لازم اجاري
بس ادري انه كل هذا على حساب نفسي
اللبس و الجناط و الستايل الناس قامت تقييم الشخص على شكله وستايله
و اذا كانت الوحده متزوجه بعد يشوفون ريلها شسوالها و شنو شرالها
انتو شكو و الله
يعني لما وحده تنصدم و تقول امبيه اسافر مع ريلي و ادفع انا ؟؟؟
احرجت البنت اللي قالت السالفة
ووحده قالت انه تدفع معاش خدامتها الثالثة يعني ريلها يدفع ثنتين قامت هالبنت تقولها شلون و شكو انتي تدفعين
لا تحرجينها يعني
و سوالف وايد تخليج تفكرين و تحاتين و تعيشين بقلق و هالشي يتعب
اكد الوحده ودها انها تعيش بدون ما تصرف شي خاصه اذا متزوجه بس مو كلنا متزوجين مليونيرية
و التفلسف اللي ماله داعي لما تييج وحده و تقول ريلي بعيد زواجنا شرالي جنطة و الله مو وايد غالية ب 1000
عليج بالعافية بس لا تتفلسفين
حسبي حساب انه بمكن تكون وحده معاج بالقعده مو متزوجه او منفصله او ريلها ما يقدر
ويع احس صايره عيوز حنانه مادري شفيني بسم الله
بس و الله احس سخافه
لو بيدي و الله اهاجر
كنت اتمنى اني اعيش بره الكويت و الله
ودي اسافر احس يبيلي سفره بس ابي سفره طويله مثل ما كنت اسافر مع اهلي مادري عن شي و ما التزم بشي و ما احاتي مصرف
و ما احاتي الدوام
بس كل هذي ايام و راحت
i guess i am PMSing that`s why i am in bad mood
shay barrah elmawthoo3 :
انا حدي وطنيه و الكل يدري
بس ذاك اليوم حلمت حلم غريب
حلمت ب صدام !!!!!
شكو صدام ؟؟؟ شكو احلم فيه
و كان بالحلم شكله وايد غير جنه عمره 35 و ابيض حده وويه غير صاير شكله جنه كمال الشناوي ايام قبل
استغفر الله قمت من النوم افكر هل ممكن انه صدام يدخل الجنه ؟؟؟ الله و اعلم الواحد ما يدري
خير انشالله

Friday, March 21, 2008

back as a normal newq8bride

Ok , now I am calm and living in peace of mind Thanks God , last week was totally a trouble week , I admit , it turned like that because of me . so it started with mom when I was in Bahrain reminding me all the time to get my lab results that I did at the hospital and try to forget because I was afraid what the results r going to be .

I am a coward I know , I try to forget things that I don`t like but I can`t hide any more , so I went to the hospital and got my result , my Dr was not there so I just want a Dr to read for me the results , so there were only one Dr I went in , she got my file and told me : ooooh am sorry you have low progesterone that's why u can't get pregnant . I was standing there , with a shock in my face , she refused to tell me anything more because she is not my DR . I went out walking to the parking and my tears were falling ( ashwa I was wearing big glasses ) I know that low progesterone = no ovulating .

I called J crying , he keeps telling me khla9 mo mishkla o I don`t care I didn`t marry u for kids , my mind was block . I called mom again and she told me it`s ok and it`s not a big problem and there are cure for everything .

My appointment with my Dr was after 2days from hearing the news so during these 2 days I was not acting normally , I cancelled some arrangements with some friends (sorry zaboo6a) and I kept googling about the symptoms, the cure and the possibility of getting pregnant .

The day arrived I went to her she told me ok it`s not a big problem she just gave me some vitamins pills and that`s it !!!!!!! all that movie I made was nothing , el7mdelaah el7amdelaah she told me yalaah have fun and get ready for pregnancy enshalah and don`t ever think about it .

El7mdelaah , el7amdellah , so I will have fun , enjoy my life and never think about  so wish me luck : ) Happy mother's day

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thanks 2 U

I would like to apologize for my previous post , I wrote it when was extremely shocked and sad . Thanks God I calmed down after I Prayed and after I read your precious comments . Thanks God , Thanks U all for being such a great support to me , that’s why I love blogging :) Thanks walah

i heard that Armani casa is now opening at Shwekh Pepsi Cola Street , does anyone pass by ???

Monday, March 17, 2008

ethaa malkom khlig don`t read i am not in the mood

It's hard to discover that u are not perfect anymore ( Yes I am self-centred , I know that I used to think that I am perfect )

I am facing a problem , related to me , El7amdelaah 3laa kil 7aal ed3oolee

Sunday, March 16, 2008

BAck :)

مشكورين كل اللي سألوا عني :)

الحمدالله رديت و العرس اينن و كل شي كان حلو

و اهم شي استانست :)

و يا حلو اهل البحرين ياربي ناس طيبين حدهم

انا كل مره اروح البحرين يا معزومة عرس او عزا احد من اهل امي و لامرة رحت سياحة و الصراحه و دي اروح شكلها يونس الواحد يغير :)

انشالله الله يهدي ج و يرضى يروح معاي هاهاه

وولهت عليكم الصراحة

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

الى البحرين

ENshalah i am leaving to Bahrain Today

to attend my cousin`s wedding we r the bridesmaids ya3nee ;P we have to be there to help her before the wedding

but you know what ?? i am may not going involove , cuz mabe andger

in my wedding i had that fight with mom enah lazem my cousins ykonon ma3aay before la anzel , ana kint abee my frinds bas mom waayed m39ba o tgool hatheel bnaat khalatach o enaty kil chthee tafshleene jdamhom o mn halklam

ba3dee b 3 months bnt khalte tezawjat o 6ab3aan omee g3dat t7en 3laa yalah khal nroo7 mbacher 3ashan tro7en 7ag bnt khaltich o tg3deen ma3ahaa gabel la tanzel and sure we had fight o dayman tgolee entay ma t7been bnat khalatich o tfashlene jdamhom

elmohem re7t el3rs o tawnee ba9a3d laha , her 16 years old sis tamskne so hard o tgoolee 3afya 3afya S ma atbee a7ad kil shay mofaj`a !! re7t 7ag mom o gelt laha hatheel bnat khaltee ele tabenee a7bhom 9a7 o tkhafeen afshlich jdamhom !!

o 7adee tethaygt , cuz my mom 7abebte ehyaa akbaar wa7da o dayman t7b khalatee o dayman t7seb 7saab bas lelasaf mako a7d y7seb laha 7sab

3ashan chthee ana mabee andger marrah thanya cuz dreaat ana bnt khalte S ray7a gayla 7ag bnt khalte ele baroo7 3rseha la tkhleen a7aad eyaach o y93ad 3ndich troo7 zahwetch !! o by the way b3rsee kanat dasha 3laay o ta36ee ta3leegat ba3aad o ma hadtnee

offff 7adee 3a9bt o madre lesh elsalfaa yaat fbalee

elmohom ana khatheet decision enee ra7 akoon guest o bas

enshalah everything will be ok :)

i will miss u all

Sunday, March 09, 2008

I am an Angel , my Name is Evil

The Evil inside me is disguising as an angel , trying to place this bad bad idea inside my mind and making it beautiful . I am wearing 7jab since I was 13 years old and it was my own choice , I am so proud with it . I don't know what is going on with me after all this time I have this ideas of taking it off!!! . I don't mean that non-mt7jba girl is bad girl or something kilsh no waayed mn elbanaat elee mo mt7jbaat a7san alf marrah mn el mt7jbaat , the terrible thing that is I am mit7ajba , if I was not it will be normal , but I am having his feeling every time I go out and watch the girls dressing nicely , it is hard for met7jba girl to be stylish , every time I decided to go out with my husband , I wish I could grab polo shirt , jeans , flat shoes and still look gorgeous .

Astgfar alaah am trying to at3wath mn eblees every time , hubby is telling if take it off , in front of God he is not responsible . I love my 7jab , I lived with it , and I look nice , and stylish
So Please angel take off your mask I know u r an Evil

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

kuwait sushi Delivary

I was hungry as usual :P I asked my hubby if he is staying home or going to dwanya cuz if he was leaving I was going to order Japanese but if he was staying my choice will be burger , he noticed that 7adee abee Japanese so he said he is going ;) 7abebe ( I know he wanted to go :P don't think he is the good and I am the bad hehe)

So where I can order tasty japanese , Maki , sushi club , but I remembered once I came through a Kuwaiti sushi web site I looked for it in the history till I found it

It was 9 :00 pm I thought it's too late and the wont get my order , I talked to that friendly Kuwaiti guy ( I guess he is young from his voice ) he said it's ok to order , but the delivery will be at 11 if it`s ok for , I was hungry so I said yes :)

I received the order at 11:14 he called me at 11 and told he may be late shway : ) this is a good credit for him ;)

when i first received the food , the packing was nice

my order : Tartare Maki <---3ajeeb i loved the souse , Tampura maki <--3ajeeb

mix maki <--he recomanded it for me and it was mo 6abee3ee and Green maki <--it was fine

one of my orders

ya3nee 7araka am eating :P u can see mashalah the quantity mashalah waayed i couldn`t eat it all hehe maybe i orderd too much :)

they thought i have a party :P

the website :) u can see the leftovers :) mashalah waayed

in general
the food was fresh , tasty and clean , i felt lack of salt ( i love salt ) but it`s ok cuz you can use the sauces .the chopsticks shway kanaw not that good

overall : it was anice experience and i am sure that i am going to order again
i give them 5/5 why ??? the food id fresh as i said b4 , tasty , clean and the service was amazing and also the prices was reasonable you can check the pries on the web site my order coasted me 8 K.D

one final word : i feel happy when i saw Kuwaitis having such nice projects :) Good luck Bro

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

الموود مو اوكي

مادري شفيني قايمه من الصبح مستعسره
حدي معصبة و مال خلق شي مسكين حتى ج تنرفزت عليه

انا مشكلتي لما اكون جذي تختلط علي المواضيع اقعد بس ادور السوالف اللي تضيق خلقي و اقعد احن
و الله مادري ليش مرات احس اني مينونه شوي
استغفر الله

وايد لما اقعد افكر بالمستقبل يضيق خلقي حده كله احس اني ما راح اقدر اسوي شي وايد احاتي يعني راح اقدر اشتري بيت ؟؟؟ راح اسافر ؟؟ راح استانس ؟؟ راح اربي عيالي انشالله و لا ما راح اييب يهال و اذا يوني عيال شلون اقدر اخليهم يحبون بعض و شلون اقدر اخلي عايلتي مترابطة ؟؟؟؟

وايد يهمني الترابط الأسري الحمدالله امي قدرت تحط فينا هالشي و فيني انا زياده وايد يهموني اخواني و امي و ابوي احس هالشي مرات يضايق زوجي لأنه يشوفني دايما مشتطه عليهم و اهما مرات مو عالبال بس هم عادي

شعور حلو لما القى انه كلنا على قلب واحد و نحاتي بعض اهم شي انه نفكر فبعض ، انا ابي عيالي جذي ابيهم اذا واحد فيهم طاح الثاني يشيله ، شي طبيعي انه يكونون الإخوان جذي صح ؟؟؟ بس هالشي الأم لازم تحطه بالعيال لازم اهيا تخليهم يدارون بعض و يسألون على بعض استغرب مرات انه في اخوان عادي عندهم و لا الإخت من تتزوج تنسى اخوانها ما تدق و لا تسأل عليهم غريبة و الله

واااي ادري ماكو و لا سالفه لها شغل بالثانية

نفس واحد دق علي امس يقول ممكن اعملك استبيان يا اختي ؟؟؟ جان اقوله تفضل عاد شوفوا الأسئلة

ايه رأيك بالزيادة هل هي متناسبة ؟؟؟ هذا السؤال ملينا منه و سؤال عادي و منطقي هالأيام

هل تعتقدين انه هناك حياة في الفضاء الخارجي غير كوكب الأرض؟؟؟ بذمتكم هالموضوع حده حده قديم من ايام قبل الغزو

من يحدد وجهة الخروج بالنسبة للمتزوجين الرجل ام المرأة ؟؟؟ اوف اوف حدي عصبت

اخر شي قالي مشتركة بجريدة القبس ؟؟؟ لأ

واي واي مخي يعورني حده زحمة زحمة براسي

Monday, March 03, 2008

i am blanks

My mind is blank, I have nothing to write about so I don't want to be boring

I discovered something, I am addicted to blogging , reading blogs that's what I mean , and the only thing that can stop me is playing games

Blank blank blank