Wednesday, February 13, 2008

ICDL & more

i passed all the tests :) heeeeeeeyaaa i am done with my ICDL

Thanks God

tomorrow is Valentine day , i am not celebrating or believing walah but i wish my husband bring me a flower or chocolate or surprised me with anything

last year i planned a dinner out but he was not encouraging :S

hmmm it`s my dream if he buy me a flower bouquet walah i love these things but i know he is not in the mood

our men r soooooooooooo .......... what ever
i love u J


Anonymous said...

Hey Q8 Bride,
Mabrook! Hehe, ftakaitay! Regarding valentines, tara ana nafs ishay. Rayli ma yi3tirif fee! Ma3ana daris bara for 9 years bas igool valentines mala salfa! Hehe 3aaadi tara, shay 6abi3i itha makhtha kwaiti! :P

Shoush said...

Inshala ya Rab he'll surprise u with something u'll love. ;) I know valentine's day shudnt be the only day to express ur love and that it's just a marketing attempt to make money, but so wat if ppl in love celebrate it with a flower or 2 or a chocolate box? Mafeeha shay kilish, bs some ppl (MEN) r just so lazy to put any effort so they pull a "y shud i express my love to u in just one particular day" just to get out of it. So typical.

JUST MAKE UR LADY HAPPY!! It's not hard really..

Oh, and mabrooooook 3ala il passing! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats New Bride :)

Anonymous said...

Mabrook Q8 Bride!! Inshallah your Hubby will surprise with something special, don't loose hope.

Anonymous said...

Why sit and wait , i clearly made my point to him like "Bring me red flowers and Chocolate cake from chocolate bar thank you " hehe!

Ansam said...

mabrook el ICDL... other than that happy Thursday! I am with J! Valentine is stupid hehehe

charisma said...

7bebty wlah

la tn6ren shy ma a7b hal sh3or an6er aw ma ye9er :/

`79o9an ena mo ehtemama hal shy

etha wedch enta eshtray ward aw rzeh bl 9alah hehehheh

aw 6l3ay t3ashay m3ah :)

waayd ryayel mo ehtemamhum valentine 3ady

do it la t76en shy b`7a6rech :*

Sara said...

:D enshalaaa eyeeblich shay 7eloo :> wetha ma yablich new bride entay ta3aweday tyebeeellaa 3ashaaan eyeeblich :>

tara 7ata my hubby may7eb hal swalef bs yoom shafny asawy o a7tefel o 5abbaa 3omry 5aam ydesh m3ay bl jaw :> so try it .. mo ella te6le3ooon bl beet yebay cakeee oo '3anaay :> 9adgeeeny '3a9baan 3aleeeh raaa7 yendemej weyaaaaaaach :>

oo good luck

Unknown said...

mabro0k sweety :**8, o happy ;)

Lala* said...

Mbro0k 3aro0sa :-)

I don't want red roses, i want something that lasts forever- like a diamond ;-)

Shayouma said...

Exactly,, Men! They don't know we find pure joy in given something.. not because of what we get but because we were remembered.. The things has it's value depending on who gave them to you, you know..

and Mabrook!

NoNoWa said...

Congratulations hun on passing and enshallah he will surprise you even if its just with nice words :)

But a flower couldnt hurt..... :P

Anonymous said...